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Zenobia is a creepy/cool Doll Chateau girl at 58 cm..for some reason Doll Chateau is doing a New Years Event where you can get just her odd little head. She should fit on any smallish body, here is the listing on Alice's Collections, but any dealer should have it:

Here she is blank:

There is a lot on sale--some of the Loongsoul girls are amazingly reduced, like this pretty girl:

I keep telling myself it is the faceup and the costuming that I love the most--I already have lots of cute girls!

Friday Dance Music--Jain's Makeba


Paracord Planet

I was getting a little low on 3mm elastic cord, and I like buying it on a reel (it's cheaper, for one thing, and you can go nuts restringing dolls without wondering if you are going to run out of cord just as you get to the arms). I know AmazonUK sells it, but then I thought I would check again on Amazon US to see if they had anything; and tada! They do have elastic cord from Paracord Planet . It comes in sizes from very thin to too thick for most dolls. It also comes in a variety of colors. Here is a sample from their drop-down menu:

(Nerds is a purple and pink checky design) :D I chose white because in stock.

You do have to convert from English to metric to figure out the size you need; 3mm is about 1/8 of an inch. They had the 100 foot reel I wanted in stock, and it is supposed to show up next Thursday. I'll take a photo, and if it looks good, I will order another reel of 4 or 4.5 mm. Maybe in Coyote Brown. Then I need to restring some floppy people.

Tiny Food Video

Sent to me by Laura. I love the tiny stove above the tiny stove.....

Rinku WIP

Just a fun short video of Ringdoll developing their cat-demon-guy:

Merry Christmas!

The art is from my new calendar, a compedium of fairy art from various artists that I love.  I tend to give everyone calendars for Christmas--I love them myself, so I naturally assume that everyone else needs art calendars so they can clip and frame the art they want to keep. There really is no downside, since if someone is meh about a calendar, it's recyclable, and it doesn't take up much room.  This year several people decided I needed calendars too, so now I am the proud owner of not only the fairy calendar, but a bird calendar,a cat calendar and a calendar of the art of Olga Suvarova . All of them will be gratefully used-- and I may try to re-create the dress on the front of the Suvarova calendar.

I've been looking at the Soom Heliot. I love that new body with the old head sculpt, and he is so well painted. The problem is that I still need various boring things rather than more resin, and Cat and I are getting the New Heliot wigs and eyes already. So I had given up on…

Snow Fairy Eva (and Luna) at Fairyland

This is Real Fee Eva in her human form..she has CRYSTAL SNEAKERS, hehe! And if you think she is cute as a tiny little doll, check her out as a tiny little centaur:

Snowflake wings! You can also get a Luna head on the centaur body instead.

 Here are the two centaur fairies together:

They are so cute. They are not a size I collect, but I loved the photos so much (and there are a lot more) that it's worth a visit just to see them. The tails are crystal, too!

Pinkears Quilts!

I commissioned a doll quilt from Kim Morris (, and it arrived this week! Here is the package:

It's 2 foot by 3 feet (roughly) and it folded up so well--it's the perfect weight for dolls. And it's signed!

Here it is hung the other direction:

It's SO PRETTY. It's (sort of) for Zi Gui the Cuckoo Fairy, but I still need to make her matching Hanfu set to go with this. I think she might end up being one of the more exotic Cuckoos, like this Asian Cuckoo (female):

If you want to commission you own quilt, be aware you are spending the equivalent of a ball-jointed doll because of the hours involved. Though it's hard to see in the photos, the quilting stitches make delicate spirals on top of the assembled squares; it's all hand-done. And it's glorious.

Soom Heliot Again..With Hooves!

He's BAAAACK and he is sort of new because he is on the new body, which I like a lot--it's a whippy, muscled body and fits well with his face shape. He is very tall now :D Also his paint is magnificent. If you want ALL THE THINGS you will be paying all the monies--this is with everything--human body, hooves, two heads, paint, gray option (which is always more):

Right off the bat you can save 104.00 by opting for cream white instead of gray--you'll need that money, so you can get the face painting and the hoof painting. Personally I love painting hooves--they aren't hard at all-- so if you just do the face paint on one head, that is just 60.00. You can trim the total cost down to around 800 by zigzagging through the options. I would do the horned head, the fantasy body, and face paint and call it good, because you can get the regular Heliot off the MP from earlier releases, but the horn is hard to find and the old hooves will not work on the new body. So be warned. Als…

Flamingo Sale

He's at Alice's Collections, he's 70 cm tall and his clothes are pretty fine! He is also on sale,

 which means you can dig around and order his outfit with the money you save. (Type b, the fullset, is 120.00 USD) He is a dreaming doll so his eyes are shut, so no need for eyes. He reminds me of a Julia Cross/La Legend De Temps guy:

I know nothing about how well his body poses, but here is the body on the Charm Doll site. (NSFW)
It looks a bit like the old Granado Nuevo body! Hmmmm.....

Abadon Returns to Luts

And with a new, splendid suit of armor! He's a "classic" Luts doll now, but he's still a good size on a good, posable body. I had one years ago and he's got a beautiful sculpt, though mine was painted in a way he always seemed to be really put out to be living with me, so I moved him on, and his next owner repainted him ;) Here's his pretty face:

He wears wigs well--his head shape seems to keep them on--he does wear a size 9 though, so just be aware of that if you are pre-shopping. More of the armor:

Isn't that cloak stunning?
I have to thank Akutenshi for spotting this--I am way behind on everything, though I did get another box wrapped and out today. The house is a mess.

Miss G's Headdresses

Miss G is a costumer: she has a shop on Etsy (though there isn't much in there at the moment, I assume Halloween cleared her out.) Her headpieces aren't for the faint of heart--they run between 150.00 and 400.00, but they are amazing and probably exactly what you would want for the dress you already picked out for the Met Gala. Here is her website, where you can stare at the confections she has made in the past. I love how wild and varied they are!

Raccoon Doll David

I had not noticed that Raccoon Doll makes boys! I missed some cute ones, too--this is their current offering, David. You can get him in this skin tone or a light one; I happen to like the darker tone more, though I would pair it with a black wig. He looks like a KDrama hero to me :D

I think if they offer the option to buy eyes, you should go for it--those look like 8 mm or smaller.

Cover Alternate

This was the alternate sketch for a cover I just finished. This version is actually not complete- but I still like it, sketchy as it is. Once the typography and cropping is done at the publishers I will put the "real" cover up on the blog, it was for Kevin Weir's Endless Hunger. The books sound a lot like a Harry Dresden so I am anxious to read it :D (No, we don't get the manuscript ahead of time, just a para or two and some descriptions.)

Baby Goat Elves

Tiny tinies at Soom! About palm sized:

The best part is the tiny hooves. You can get an awake one, the human head has open eyes:

If you have a bunch of Soom hoofies, this one would fit right in!

Friday Dance Music--Jain's Dynabeat

Trippy fun! (Still building a city in Photoshop.)

Impldoll Aries

He's a fun, rather crabby demon guy in a beautiful shade of Sandy Brown, and like the rest of the Star/Idol line, very affordable at 380.00. But you will probably want him painted :D You can get him direct from Impldoll or through Alice's Collections or Denver Doll. I suspect shipping is fastest if you buy him direct. He's limited to 50 pieces and he's a big 72 cm tall. Check out his nice clothes, too!

Souldoll Juno Elf

Confusingly, Souldoll also has a new "Juno" doll, though this one is in it's Kids line. I love this size of Souldoll's--I have my Shushu head on a Souldoll Kids body and it is very nice--and a good poser. The body that Juno is on is the even newer Double Kids body:

The new version looks very flexible, and the legs are a little longer, and the neck a little thinner. Here are the measurements:

Juno herself comes with 2 heads if you get the horns and the wings. The wings may or may not come with the feathers shown in the promo pix--it's not clear as the sales listing shows just the resin "bones" without the feathers.

The photos are so pretty. It's hard to remember that if you order her, she will just be a little pink thing in bubble wrap and not an instant Magical Girl in a box :D

Storm, the Ruler of Forest at Luts

Isn't he fun? He's 65 centimeters tall and you can get Brown resin for the same cost as white or normal; faceup is 64.00. You also have the option to buy the human rolling head for 91.00. Here are the two heads:

Here is the human head on the satyr body:

I didn't see a listing for the clothes, but that may come later. More photos:

Love those clear horns :D

Akutenshi said she liked the photos because they look like owner photos and not shop photos, and she is right. I love the shot of Storm and Breeze just chillin' in the woods together!