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Roswell's head arrives

Well.:o Here she is and she is pretty freaky. She's a large head, and quite beauty green "My little Martian cutie", and she has purple eyebrows. Which I sort of like. She is also very bumpy, and has some kind of scar on the bridge of her nose. My plan is to just live with how she is, clean her up with some solvent, and paint her to match her body, covering up most of the problem. I could try to sand her and build her up with epoxy sculpt, but sometimes I think that just adds to the problem. I'd rather just take her as she is, dings and all. ;)

The eighth tiny reindeer

Meet "Brisbane", my last kirin; he still has to come up all the way from Australia, but with any luck he will be here for the holidays. This is the owner photo. I also bought the splendid wig, with an eye towards someday making a Pele doll with one of Iplehouse's tan girls. I'm pretty amazed I have been able to find 8 Soom monthly heads, each for far less than 200.00 (Brisbane was probably the most expensive, and I blame myself for cornering the market.;)


Roswell is just a body at the moment. I saw her head for sale on a private marketplace for only 30.00, as it was in bad shape..or it looks like it's in bad shape, though it's hard to judge from the freaky cameraphone picture:

The photo is kind of an art piece in itself, and the head is a good head underneath it all, a nice old-school CP Des head with elf ears. So I have paid for it, and am now waiting for it to be shipped. I think the owner is 16 and has neither transportation or any sense of urgency about mailing it, so I may end up writing off the 30.00 and go find another Des/Soo head to put on the body above. My friend C and Erin dyed the junk Delf body above with RIT dye, and though it is not perfectly even, it's much nicer than I was expecting from the powdered dye (liquid Rit is supposed to work much better), and it's a gorgeous color (which you can't tell between my kitchen light and the blue light bulb). The dye acts as sueding in the joints, too, so she …

Fancy Feet and Art Meat

At last we have the fancy feet on Balthazar, the Soom Sphaler, and he will not be keeping them. They are much too sharp and heavy, and I am going to get some kind of injury off of them if he keeps wearing them. So I may make him some sculpey feet instead. Since he's wearing sculpey horns I made for him, he might as well be all of a piece.

K called me last night fit to be tied, because the painting class is having it's mid-term exhibit in a gallery room. K and B (another student) went in and painted the walls gallery white and fixed up their assigned spaces (B does abstracts, K does huge oil paintings of scenes from Bollywood movies, for Non Western Cinema Aesthetics and the Portrayal of Women in them). The next day K was hanging paintings and T, yet another student, came in with some meat in a bag. Old smelly meat. And started tacking it up on the wall opposite K and B's stuff. K was like..."what is that? Won't that smell?" T replied, "I want it to smel…


I made some ram horns out of sculpey. They don't look too awesome up close, but I got the D93 neodymium magnets from K and J Magnetics in the bases without any comedy. (Always a possibility with rare earth magnets covered with Gorilla Glue). That D93 size is the horn magnet size for Soom, just in case you need to buy them for your Cuprit or Beryl horns. While I was at it I put the magnets in Fu Bai's horns as well. None of these guys get to lean on my computer any more.

And one more pic..

..because I can. I think I lost a pint of blood to mosquitoes taking this one, they are bad this year. I need to make his horns next.


Fu Bai has feet now; he's on an Impldoll body that belongs to one of the other Sphalers, and Chalco hooves. The Chalco hooves are huge, heavy and impressive, but Fu Bai makes them look more like elk hooves than Pan hooves, with his serious little face. I forgot that his old box is too small for the hooves, and I was running around the house yesterday morning holding the poor man under the armpits, trying to think of a place to hide him because there were viewers for the house coming at 11:30 am, and of course they look in all the closets to see if their own crap will fit (and of course it won't, because mine doesn't, they will have to bring chest of drawers and trunks like I do) and Fu Bai was too long for my small chest of drawers, and the deep drawer in the big bureau already has Rain and Bryan tucked in together and they looked annoyed at me pushing them about to see if I could cram Fu Bai in there as well. No one was interested in a menage a trois.

I was desperate en…

6 tiny reindeer

And here is Fu Bai, whose name means perhaps "Lucky Money", "Clear/White 100", "payola", "Lucky 100"-- or perhaps is short for "Foolish Buy" because he makes number 6 of my Sphaler heads. I'm only two short of a sleigh ride ;)

Fungus, ornamental

We've had so much rain there are mushrooms everywhere. Some are prettier than others, though it's not good news for the tree that there are these wood ears at the base. Still, they are decorative and easy-care.