Friday, December 14, 2018

Soom Sells A Rolling Head!

He's Tristan and he is 160.00 USD before shipping! I think he is compatible with super gem bodies as he wears 8-9 wigs, but it wouldn't hurt to look carefully at the listing (I am eating breakfast right now so I am distracted). The credits say that he was designed by "The Enchanted Doll" Which makes me think of Marina Bychkova, though it may be just a coincidental name.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Jimmy Thomas Conquers the Romance Novel Cover Market

No, this isn't Jimmy Thomas, but a new model of his for a series of "solo women covers". He started out as a model for romance novel covers, then started to take pix of himself in costumes for covers, then rounded up some friends to do layouts and new poses, and then do pretty much finished covers:

Before the only thing that was lacking, was more gothy and yes, solo women covers, but he's got that covered now. So this is your small-publisher-one stop shopping place... for really nice covers. It explains why no one has called me for about 2 years, but since they paid peanuts and made me do type, I am perfectly happy to let Jimmy take the wheel and do the thing. He's also a sweet guy (you can meet him in person if you go to romance novel conventions). He also used to run the website, which may explain it's some what awkward cart and convoluted layout. No worries, if you get stuck, he'll help you out!

Also, if you just need artist pose/figure refs this is a good place to get them, and see drapery on humans.

Jimmy and a friend, isolated on white (they have the same poses on black for your photoshop convenience).

By the way, I don't get paid for endorsements, I am just a customer--plus Thomas sends out adorable, over-sharing email updates that you can't help liking. :D

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Almost Ready for Christmas

Well, I still need to get a tree, and a few stocking presents. The garage door is fixed and goes up and down (Yay!) so the cars are inside, keeping warm so they will start when I need them to. The truck was beginning to resent living outside in 15F weather, and I can't say I blame it. I am secretly hoping to get mostly Christmas cards this year* and not much else, as I need to sort through what is in the basement before Major Mouse Removal begins in the New Year. (Mice have been living for decades in the dropped ceiling of the basement, and that is going to end once the holidays are over.) All that tile is coming down, being tossed, and the beams will be scrubbed and painted white with something glossy and washable, like ship or bathroom paint.

Meanwhile, I have a head coming and yes...I bought a tiny for me. But it's a fit model. (Silt was a gift that I got to measure in advance before passing on, so she didn't count). Just one tiny. Just one tiny.

* I admit that I hoard Christmas cards for years. I love them :D

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

DollZone Centaurs

DollZone, never a company to leave money on the table, has decided to join the Teeny Centaur Fandom. This is little Antu, which you can order from the various dealers (link goes to Alice's Collections). IMO the best part of Antu are the little cherub wings, a nice size and beautifully sculpted.

I really like Antu's wig!

I have been forced to do my own cooking this week, which has meant some good meals, some cereal, and some scary cookies. They are just shortbread with cranberries:

They cooked up a lot nicer than the dough looks:

Yes, those are pumpkin shaped, I just found the Christmas trees today. I am about halfway through my Christmas list for cards and shipping. Online shopping has not gone entirely smoothly, one transaction was flagged by PayPal, and had to be sorted out, and another magazine sub claims I never paid them. I sent them the check number and told them to try again. Why can I buy things from China with no hassle; but Harlan, Iowa is being difficult? Last year's candy order was amazingly hard to complete. Hopefully this year will be easier, since I can do it all on the website. 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Cerise (Iplehouse Garnet)

Yes, it's Sicktress' Cerise! She is such a work of art; if the sun ever comes out again I will put on her wings and horns and really show her off. Though she is on the RS tall body, Soom clothes fit her fine--though it's almost a shame to cover her additions. She has fancy hands and a decorated spine, and a place to attach a tail. The dye is incredibly even, too!
Thank you, Sicktress!! <3

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The New Impldoll Star Body

We have had early snow and while it's been inconvenient  (the garage door is still broken so the cars are outside) it's also pretty. I am sure the mail carriers hate it, though. I finally received my newly designed Impldoll Star female body, and it's a fabulous poser! Here is a first look at the "White Skin" it's more of a pinky crystal color:

It's also a bit translucent, which is gorgeous but a little hard to match for heads. The shoulders are very wide--great for bigger heads, not suitable for Souldoll girls, but maybe good for the older Iplehouse dolls.

Here she is with a head:

This is a Granado Gitana head, and it's not bad. The look is like a old Feeple body. The shoulders work really well, and the neck has realistic movement, too. The legs pose very naturally, too--and stand well!

Look how innovative the upper legs are--they work brilliantly. I did find someone who had resin that was close to the Impl resin--the Phoenix Doll Android Mei:

Look how cute she is! The shapes on her face look right with the stylized shoulders of the new body, and I really wanted a posable body for her. The translucency of the body is perfect with the resin of the head! I would give this body a recommend for a larger head, but you should be sure to tell Impl what resin color you want, and how translucent you want it--you may need to send them a sample, but the end result will be a supremely posable girl.

Now I need to find her a wig that matches :D

Monday, November 26, 2018

Topaz Re-Released!

She's called Wintry Shadow and she is a Dark Fairy, with little horns, special hands, and fancy Morga feets..if you want them, you can just order her with the regular human 2012 body. You can get her in white or Tawny and as a normal Simple body version (probably to provide stability for the Morga heels.) Here are the "Special Parts"

She is lovely in Tawny too--I think she looks more human in that color, and would be just a beautiful fairy--the original dress and wig would look amazing with Tawny resin.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Rosana Again

More clothes! It's like being a clothing designer with no sewing. This model of Rhiannon's is so good, too, it's a pleasure to color and render. But it is keeping me busy! This is the same outfit as the one I posted a couple of days ago, just with different "fabric".

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Baby Scorpions

Just in time for Christmas (!?) Doll Chateau has released two new bugs. I was never fond of Elizabeth the Spider, but Pluto and Charon are pretty awesome. (This is Pluto). This is a link to Clover Singing's shop (Jeeryama on Ebay). She is a good, reliable seller, and sometimes has deals the other dealers do not.

Here is the sparkly cheery Charon:

I love how bat insane it is to have a cuddly Lisa Frank scorpion :D For Christmas!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Smokey The Bear and Rosana

Apparently we, as a nation, have failed to rake our leaves. Looking at my yard, I see it is true. But I have been busy working on Poser/Daz Studio textures, redoing Rhiannon's Bad Girl. This is Rosana with today's texturing, still WIP. (Rosana is also by Rhiannon)

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Cinderella and Iplehouse Holiday Specials

It's time for my favorite Iplehouse promotion, where Doll Choice will be the same as the stock dolls. Doll Choice has not only the ability to pick skin colors not usually available, but also limited heads. Here is "Cinderella".

And here is the Notice!

Thanks to Akutenshi for the heads up!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Steampunk Alice

I'm still here, life is just coming in fast. Working on the Steampunk Alice textures when I am not glued to the news. Tomorrow I am going to NOT LOOK AT THE INTERNETS until the evening because stuff needs to get done.

Friday, November 9, 2018

White Dragon

OMG Friday's been a week, let me tell you. Parents live in Thousand Oaks area so I have been a little distracted, but things seem to be OK now, knock on wood.
Anyway, NEW DOLLS.
This guy is at Alices Collections and he is MAGNIFICENT:

Ooo La La.

However, my garage door spring broke Monday so there goes the money--at least the cars are not trapped inside any more--and we will get a nice thermal door that will look better than the old one and hopefully work better as well.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Fairy Renders

I've been working with some of Gypsyangel's new figures, which is why I have been behind in doll stuff. It's pretty much the same as dolls, but they store flatter and cost less. This is "Aryn" for G8 over at Daz, with Fabiana's Halloween Expansion wings for the Lumino Wings. (

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Luts Mermaids and Centaurs

After it being quiet for a while at the doll companies, suddenly there is a flurry of activity! Luts has just released some tiny mermaids! The tail design is made so they can stand on their tails, which is nice for displaying them. Another pic:

And there is a new centaur, this time done up as a tiny zebra:

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


And just in time for Halloween, Impldoll has released the awesomely weird Cornelia, a deep-sea honey with a very cute face! It looks like she is shown on the new body, too. I ordered one back in August from Impl, and they are running very slow--I did get a message on the Q and A board that my body would ship Nov 15th, so I am hopeful. I am anxious to try it out! I also hope my Galena head fits :o.

Happy Halloween!!

And Halloween in 1989 (That dress weighted 12 lbs.)


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Yes, It's a Tiny

But really, it's a "Fit Model" I tell you, so I can sew things for my friends! Never mind that she is a Soom Teeny Gem named Silt, and is as cute as a button. Also her name is Danica and she needs clothes her size, and shoes.

Monday, October 29, 2018

More Chitown Dolls Pix

Just more pix--there were backgrounds for people to use to take photos, one for the tinies:

And loaded up with a tiny band! (Blurry because I was giggling):

Here is the mid-sized photo set:

I loved the tiny books!

And here is the large set--I am always so impressed how well these printed backdrops work:

The background in use!

Look at this cool Halloweeny artist doll!

Here is the box:

Sales table:

I was fairly restrained in shopping--bought some pants and eyes and a pair of small shoes.
And finally a little cutie:

It was so fun :D