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Doll Leaves Zheng

Mostly this guy has a magnificent faceup, though he has a pleasant enough sculpt blank. Here is the price breakdown at Alice's: (He is 65cm. by the way).

Doll Leaves has lovely clothing, and functional if unremarkable bodies. The resin does yellow over time, but not as much as the old "french resin" did. They resell for about 300.00 on the secondary market, but I notice they don't sit around forever, either. Here's a link to the body page:

One thing I like about that body is the strong wrist/arm sculpt--like the old Dollzones, you get both posability and less chipping on the wrists. It's also a slim sculpt without the aesthetic oddness of the Resinsoul Long.

New Iplehouse Auction

Some nice Iplehouse men are up at auction (you need to be logged in to bid). There is a Tiny Lawrence, a Big Falcon and an EID Leonard (probably my personal favorite of the set.)

Then there is Lev. Well, I guess there is someone for everyone. ;) You probably won't have to fight to get him.

Pele Progress

Sicktress sent the plumeria/puka shell bracelet, it's so pretty! Sicktress is a sweetie :D Here is the fabric I am working to get made into a's going sloooowly:

The long piece is acrylic yarn over nylon net. I wish now I had used embroidery thread on fabric, for better drape, but it's interesting on it's own. It's supposed to be lava running into the ocean, or a somewhat abstract version of that. It will just loop on like a demented scarf.

I have to take photos of what Rajendora sent me--super cute clothes! I am behind in everything at the moment. I have spent too much time writing stern notes to Congress, which does nothing-- but makes me feel slightly better.

Dream Tactics Goes to Resin Rose 2018

She gives the convention a really nice writeup-- and there are lots of photos! Check it out here:

Soom Pel in a Vampire Form..with hooves

So right on the heels of the awesome Breccia, comes a Little Gem from Soom, a new version of Pel (formerly a Thunderbird Summoner). I'm not sure what flavor of sinister character this Pel is..undead bird? Zombie courtesan? Evil magic User? I like the yellow eyes in the gray skin, whatever else is going on. As usual you can get the outfits separately if you have a Little Gem at home that wants to try out a little necromancy on the side. Here are the head/ resin options:

Oh wait, there are little feets! Hooves to be exact, sold as a separate option:

Hello, Sherlock

Soom has just released an Idealian that looks like a cuter version of Benedict Cumberbatch, he's quite adorable and the accessories are really fun. A pipe! Check him out here:
And I owe this blog post to the eagle-eyed Akutenshi07 <3

Props to Julia Shin's photography!

Dollshe Classic Returns

These guys are back! I had forgotten how cute they were. You will wait ages but they will come eventually. :D

I have a lot of doll stuff going on, but I am also trying to get ready for winter so I haven't posted every day, though I am still working on Pele and am excited to share photos. Hopefully I will have some later tonight!

Pele's Wig

I'm about 2/3 of the way done--I need to finish one of her extensions in the front, fix her bangs, and even out the bottom. I really want to stick a bunch of beads on the front as counterweights, but it might be a bit much. Working with yarn is so pleasant!

Iplehouse Baron and Soom Pretty in Pink Breccia

A handsome HID hunk has been rolled out by Iplehouse--he seems to be a god of Lightning? He's lovely and you can see many more photos here:

And for me personally WAY MORE TEMPTING is a reissue of Breccia, now in Baby Pink with Romantic eyes....oooo. SO PRETTY. You can stare at her here (and ponder your bank account).

Meanwhile my car has, alas, keeled over-- on the way to emissions testing station.XD It has been towed back and the shop says that the scrap fee should cover the cost of the tow. I find out tomorrow. It was a good car and I will miss it, but I think the frame itself was rusting out, so it was probably not really driveable any more. I will have to make friends with the truck and the Nissan Altima, aka the rolling computer.

Madame Pele and an Arm or Two

So here are the arms--they are coming along. I am not sure if I should leave the "rivet holes " on the Automail arm as is, or make little "screwheads" to fit in them Both arms work ok and the places that would wear, like the shoulder and elbow, I left bare; so they won't chip. Since the hands are dyed, they should be OK too. Hopefully I can spray them tomorrow while it is dry, and get a good seal on the acrylic paint. I have some great wolfie fabric and possibly some coppery lining fabric to make a cloak as well.

While I was waiting for the paint to dry on the arms, I worked on the Iplehouse Aaliyah--it seemed like a shame to take off her candy makeup, but I finally did. I also modded her fangs to be less cartoony large, though I think I want to still mod her left fang a bit more to make it smoother. It turns out that the xacto is a better modding tool than the dremel since the dremel kicks up so much dust it's hard to see what you are doing, or control it…

Nadine's Flickr

I have posted the link to Nadine's Flickr here before, but I think it's time for a repost--if you need a laugh, check out her Eggsy pix, also other doll, family pix, turkeys, terrible puns and random goof that makes me laugh. You will be glad you did. :D

Fairyland Rens the Cute Harpy

Apparently Harpies have fab shoes:D They also have birdie feet, if you get the full fantasy option.
The page to check her out at Denver Doll is here:
She is more or less msd size, and very sweet for a Harpy:

The little mask is neat! I kind of want to make one now.

Re-Gliss The Sacred Scarab


More Apoxie Experiments

I made a new forearm for the Soom Supergem torso--it bugged me that the automail arm was shorter than the soom arm. I took a glue stick and wrapped parchment paper around it, tacked it shut with a bit of tape, put a foil base around that (because the epoxy is a bit slumpy while it cures), and then made the new arm. It takes 24 hours to cure, then I will sand it a bit, primer it tomorrow, and then paint both sides. It's surprisingly strong and I was delighted that as the epoxy cured, the glue and parchment core slid right out.

 I need to dye the hands and I have some polyester lace I will dye at the same time, so as to not waste the dye.

Random Sunday Photos

The bees are working extra hard to stash away pollen for the winter. I planted a lot of things that are late bloomers just for this reason, but the dahlias haven't set any flowers--they went in late, though. I might do some squash next year just for the flowers...some of the things I planted this year were meh, like Bergamot. It grows fabulously here in the wild and mildews horribly in my yard.

The morning glories look great. I always wish I had planted more, but they are fussy about location. They like compost and sun and I haven't got a lot of sun. The bees like these too:

They don't really like their photos taken but they are hungry enough this time of year to let me get close:
(That is mint that this bee is on) We have lots of other bugs--I kind of like the cicadas, they have a cool paint job, even if they don't look too bright:
I think the cat is looking forward to it being a little cooler so we can spend more time outside:

We have these guys outside so the cat p…

The Return of Linlan

Many years ago, I had a Dollzone Linlan, and I really liked her. But she was poorly cast--in those days Dollzone might actually have been using clay molds, and those suckers warp and deform after about 50 casts, and need to be redone. For one thing, Old Linlan's eyes were not even remotely the same shape, so she looked a little tipsy.

Woooo! (The file title of this photo is "Party Girls") So Linlan moved on. But I did miss her, and locally there was another doll collector who had a tan, engraved (!) Linlan that I admired at every meet I saw; and at the last Mitsuwa she came up and introduced herself and said that she was thinking of selling her Linlan. (Squeeing internally ensued). So I bought a "new to me" Linlan. I think she is the tan cowgirl version--Dollzone did not make many of her, but this version is beautifully cast and heavy. Also nearly seamless! She will get some more jewelry (she came with wonderful triangular earrings), and the metallic Volks eye…