Tuesday, December 30, 2014


A whole heap o road salt at Morton's in Chicago escaped today...

Carissa Early in the Morning

Just a quick photo as I have a lot to do today. The Soom White Rabbit/Jackalope/ Northerly Breeze is up, in kit form too, and I found out that Chrome works much better than Firefox on the Soom site--for one thing, the Q and A shows up!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Inventory Part 2: The Guys (Mostly)

OK, not entirely the guys--a few of the girls needed to be reassembled and they weren't ready on "girl picture day". For this set of photos I was smart and set it up the night before, so that there would be enough daylight to get the pictures I wanted. This new little Coolpix pocket camera handles low light better than the old one, so I was pretty happy with the indoor photos this year. Eventually I should make myself a lightbox and buy a real light. Here Amber (an old Luts Nanuri 07 on a ancient Soom Gem body) points out that Rilly, resinsoul Mei, is not a guy.

Rilly looks annoyed at the obvious. ;) Also there is the Soom Dia, Abraxas, who is androgynous enough that owners often make her into a boy doll, so she sort of counts on either side:

(I still need to put in her upper lashes.) Finally there is Martine,(Impldoll Delia) who points out that like most of the girls, she has no shoes; though if I would switch her to her heel feet, she has some really cute ones that match this dress.

For some reason almost all the boys have shoes, probably because they are designed for flat feet. The female shoes I can find at a reasonable price are almost always heel shoes, and I like flats. The dolls tend to stand more securely in the flats.

Here are some individual portraits:

Ellis, a Delf Moon, painted by Buff.

A granado Gabe, painted by Sicktress

Granado Terra (Jack) holding a Christmas ornament that belongs to K that I stole (looks shifty).

Granado Fabio (Julian):

A Granado Mads, painted by Lachlana:

(Yes, Gideon the big white tattoed angel is in both sets, possibly because he would just see that everyone was assembling and have no idea why). Here's a Mads closeup:

Rain, IOS "G" and Bryan, Iplehouse Denzel--Rain got some tools from J for Christmas. :D

Then there is a Granado Guilem (Will):

Zinnober, Soom Sphaler in his cloak:

And Bird, looking sultry..he's a Soom Tremo:


It took longer to put everyone away than it did to take them out, but it gave me a chance to make a list of what was needed for tightening and repairs, and to organize their things a bit. I'd love to have a room just to display them, but that would require a bigger house!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

"Who Needs Shoes?" (Inventory 2014)

Since J was home and could entertain the cat, I thought it would be a good time to take photos of all the dolls for the end-of-year head count. So I started setting them up on the worktable, and quickly realized that there wasn't going to be enough room. I decided would just photograph the girl dolls, and for every girl that needed shoes, I would raise her arm so I could remember who needed what.

Serendipity, the Soom Galena Sweet Witch, promptly tilted over on her stand, but I left her that way as it looks like she is asking Jack (Granado Terra) why he's mixed in with the girls. He could point out that Gideon (Impldoll Chapman) behind him is vaguely a guy too, but since Gideon is an angel, I'm not sure Gideon really understands gender.

In any case, while I have made progress in getting shoes for people, there remains a lot of work to do for 2015. A few dolls have hooves and finny feet and that helps a lot. The cute little colored soles that you see on a couple of dolls (Marguerite, the Luts Juri07b, and Jade, the Luts Lishe) are some fabric boots made by Cedarheart and sold on her Etsy shop.

Once everyone was set up, I realized that I needed to put Tatiana (the blonde with tan skin more or less in center front, in the ivory dress; a Soom Cuprit Soulmate) into her own wig instead of one borrowed from a boy doll; and in the process of finding the correct wig, I found Allegra, Soom Cass--who looks a little put out at being forgotten. At least Allegra has TWO PAIR of shoes, though she could use a pair of boots.

Her outfit is a steampunky one that I love--the kimono top is by SewingBox Designs, and the corset is by Buff, as are the black "silk" pants that you can't see. Wildwoodflower gave me Allegra's belt and gun, which was awesomely kind of her! Allegra was out of her usual spot in the closet because she finally has lashes. The poor thing has had to wait over a year for me to get around to putting them in.

Here it looks like Allegra is telling the Iplehouse girls (Jessica and Rebecca molds) that "There are at least three girls still stored under the bed" (all of whom need shoes, too) That would be Abraxas, the Soom Dia who has no clothes,Polly the DollZone Celine who needs feet, never mind shoes, and Martine, Impldoll Delia, who has a brand new dress-- but still no faceup since the Purity Seal turned out to be nearly as foggy as Mister Super Clear for faceups. Perhaps I need to warm the can up first.) But I did go and find Ereshkigal, who was still in a bag from a doll meet:

Ereshkigal( center front, Granado Gabe head on a Super Gem Topaz body) looks a little sullen. Everyone else now seems resigned to never getting shoes. Really, I promise. Next year shoes for everyone that wants them (I just got some pleather for Christmas :D )

Bonus--I also got Mirabelle out of her hiding place:

Mirabelle (Elfdoll Hazy)in the leopard bodysuit, could give a rat's backside about shoes; she just wants a throne. That almost seems easier than shoes.

I will photograph the boys tomorrow. And the photos are here: Boy Dolls 2014

Friday, December 26, 2014

New Hats and New Eyes

"Merry Christmas, ya animals." Mom made some hats, Jack's and Coppersmith's fit perfectly, but Felicity's tiny head is somewhat cancelled by her fin ears. I'll put up the pic of her tomorrow. In the meantime, Bex's new eyes came today, and fit great. I'm still looking for the perfect wig but I love this color:

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

First of all, the weather was amazing. That is liquid water in the pond!

J makes stollen for the neighbors--these still need the butter and powdered sugar "frosting" on top>

Christmas Eve dinner--the pie is a pecan pie/tart with molassas and rum. It's very good, though we will need to give some away. (that is a BIG tart).

Mom knitted me mittens from Ravelry and a scarf!

I got a Supernatural car shade from J, so Castiel and Dean can look out the windshield. The scale is pretty perfect.:D

And Cat gave me a magnificent cloak--with jewels and butterflies. Since it's one size fits all, it may get handed around-- but right now, Carissa (Soom SO Cuprit) is the proud wearer! Thank you, Cat!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Northerly Breeze at Soom

I just went over to Soom to see if they had any new clothes yet and whoop there he was. He's got antlers and he's cute and that is all I know!(The Euro site says he is the "White Rabbit" Special Order).

Monday, December 22, 2014

Cat's Dress Completed!

And there it is, pants, skirt, top and necklace! All of the pieces have their weirdnesses, partly because I was trying to make it something easy to get on and something that will mix and match with Cat's own pieces, which have a lot of tulle, sparkle and pink incorporated in them. Also Selket is painted more like the "Scorpion-Girl-Next-Door" rather than Violet's exotic lavender skin and fairy-like faceup, so I think Vi will look a lot more at home in these fantasy pieces than Selket does. Although the top is really cute on Selket, and I think I will make more using that pattern. It's a flat piece shaped like a fat, very open "V", gathered at the top and the bottom into a bias-cut band, and then with just a ribbon tie at the bottom and two strap-and-snap "sleeves" attached to the upper corners.

It's super easy to get on. The pants were a different story. I should have just put some elastic around the bottom cuffs, but they open up wide now so you can slide stockings up there, and they have little velcro dot cuff fasteners that might eventually fall off. The waistband is a hot mess and I ended up putting a big "butt bow" for modesty with a snap on it under the tail. I need to work on that pants pattern some more.

The necklace was fun but at the last minute I couldn't decide if I wanted to put hooks on, leave it tied with a ribbon, or do a button, or beads...I ended up doing just the lacing. I think the next one will have a single large button closure in the back--pretty easy to close and nothing to scratch the doll's neck.

Here's more of the back:

I think little pink ballet slippers would be adorable with this outfit... but I ran out of time! Also, that tulle. Nylon tulle is nasty-- so from now on it's chiffon, or something like thin cotton that I will be using instead. Tulle may look cute but it feels like plastic. In any case, the set is done, packed and sent off to Cat, who will make it look way more awesome at her place!

Now to start something easier for Akutenshi (no tails, for one thing :) ).

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Text Posts at 6 AM

K:" I vaccumed up a mouse. How long do I run the vacuum until it's dead?"

Me:"Its dead its 6 a on sunday."

K: "Ok."

9:34 AM

Me:"Was it dead? I might have lied."

K:"I don't know."

Me:"I assume you just left it to it's own devices in the machine?"

K: "Yeah"

Snow White at Soom

And here she is, with the MOST ADORABLE horns and hooves ever, with hooves small enough to go through pants and underwear openings :). There was complaining on Den of Angels that her head was "Too small" for the length of her neck, and I am not sure in person if that is true--for one thing, her head looks like the same size as ever--she does have a somewhat small face but with a blonde wig I think you would see even in the stock photos that she is proportional. Also Gneiss looked a bit the same in photos (with her head appearing to sit oddly on her neck) but in person she is lovely. I just regret that I have absolutely no room here for her and a pressing need for other things next year with my money than dolls. But I think she is gorgeous--if I had a mansion somewhere and a trust fund I would get one in each color. Pink horns, man! You can get her slightly more cheaply if you are willing to assemble her yourself, here is the page for the Christmas Kit.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Things Discovered at Home Depot

This is just Bex (Iplehouse Rebecca) in daylight, waiting for her new wig and eyes..her "real" glow-in-the-dark eyes are being made by Shelly (ersa flora) and won't be here for several weeks. Meantime I can make her some clothes of her own and possibly some shoes. Here she looks like she is saying "So... much... hair".

Anyway, we went to Home Depot looking for a cheap clock to replace the one in the bathroom, and I always have fun at the hardware store. For one thing, the parking lot always has interesting stuff dropped in it--it gets cleaned a lot, so there is no gross food wrappers or cans and bottles laying about, but there is often bits of lost hardware and other things waiting to be discovered. Right out of the car there was an Altoids tin:

A broken door:

A golf ball:

And inside, a ton of sparrows! This is the one that held still long enough to get a photo taken:

Later, when we went to the mall for sushi, we went for the obligatory walk-through Marshall's Home Store, and found this guy abandoned in Lighting:

I briefly considered buying him in order to roll him for his jacket and boots, but decided neither the boots nor the jacket were worth it. I was glad to see the buyers at Marshalls are as nutty as ever. :D We did find a wall clock there, but it was three feet across.