Monday, August 31, 2015

Iplehouse Shows You How to do Asa's Hair

Yes, this style!

This is all my Asa currently has:

Vermont Chick told me to go look in Iple Data, which is buried under here (You have to be logged into the site first): HOME < IPLE_TALK < Iple Data < How to make Asa's Hair Style

There is a TON of useful things in this subfolder, "Iple Data", including pictures of the various sculpts in different wigs and outfits, which can really help to see if the sculpt is going to work for the character/ clothing you have in mind.

I still need to find or make that style of wig first, and I am tending towards making it--I spent the weekend being very busy, but also I made another wig, a hand for Ital/Forrest,here, still needs nail shaping and paint:

I also did some research on where to buy Apoxie Sculpt, Fimo, LaDoll and some other stuff because I want to make some flintlocks and some other rubbish. I went to Dick Blick in Wheaton and they had none of the things on my list, though they have GIANT BAGS of porcelain clay (cone 10), if you need that. I suspect you save a lot of money picking that up from the store instead of having it shipped to you. :D Here's my unwilling fit model for the new wig:

Friday, August 28, 2015

Nayuta Suntan Tattoo

Dollmore has released a new Nayuta Kenzo Tattoo, this time in Sunshine, and he looks great--I have seen owner photos of the original tattoo Nayuta and he's just stunning. Here I love the look of the white on gold. I hope they have a etching process to do this that isn't just an artist with a scribe!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ital the Ice Lord

Krowbar had a Fairyland 65cm male body that I thought would be great for Gideon, as I had one once before (Xtal has that one now). So we did a trade--she told me up front he had an "Ice Arm" that she wanted to keep, and I thought that was fine since I could just stuff a nub of resin in the arm hole and attach feathers and Gideon could have a "Wing Arm". Krowbar felt that she should send along a little something extra with the body, since it only had one she sent... a head. This head, in fact:

I thought maybe he was a Scar Breakaway, which are very much liked by people who collect Fairyland dolls, but after some Googling I found that while he was the Breakaway mold, he was really Ital the Ice Lord, which explains the Ice Arm. I'm not sure what explains the scars, but that seems to be a thing with Fairyland. Krowbar had added the smaller eyes (which I like a lot) and the fancier ears, and it turns out the teeth as well--they were done so well I thought at first they were part of the mold. In fact I might have kept the whole faceup except for the fact that his goatee was sort of purple, and at the moment I have no size 9 purple wigs AT ALL. Hardly any size 9 wigs, in fact.

Well, the problem with heads is that they want their own bodies, and as Gideon only sort of fit on the FL65, I decided I would just redo Ital and make him a Forest Lord or something, since the apoxie sculpt mods were sort of brownish.

So I painted his head, popped off his teeth, and started to build his right arm. I figured a fantasy arm with vines would cover a lot of poor modelling. I started out with Sculpey on the upper arm.

This looked at lot like a drumstick and it made me hungry until I finally added more stuff to it so it stopped looking edible. I also decided that Fimo was a lot easier to do this with--even though it's stiffer, it models a lot smoother than the Sculpey does.

(I still have to clean the torso.)

Sorry about the blurry pic! I cooked that upper arm, and the chopstick rests left a mark and the wire armature poked out, so I added more Sculpey and cooked it again at about 250 for 15 minutes, and it was fine--it stuck and hardened with the rest.

Here you can see the Fimo forearm and my fail elbow--next time I will put the mobility cut up on the upper arm and just make a stirrup elbow with a peanut. The peanut here is just a rolled-up piece of cardboard--I made the hole too small to put the elastic through it. :( The hand is a Sphaler claw hand borrowed from Zinnober--I will finish up a hand I have started out of Fimo, and use that if it survives cooking.

The new arm has a decent range of motion, despite the fugly joint.

Here's the Fairyland elbow. It works really well but it is not something I could make here with clay, and I wouldn't want to copy the design anyway.

I have to say Sculpey/Fimo brings it's own sueding to the game. I have no idea how long these joints will hold up under use, though.

But, he does have an arm now! More cleaning and stringing will happen next week, as I have actual work to do tomorrow.

Mostly done as of 9/7/2015... though I want to redo his hand/wrist setup:

Also no laundry was done today.

Shintaro Ohata --2d and 3d

This beautiful painting is actually a sculpture in front of a painted backdrop, and it fills me with the same joy that I had as a kid when I looked at Viewmaster slides and the animals in the foreground looked 3d and the landscape and sky in the back were flatter and looked more like photos. Take a look at more of his art on the High Fructose site --it's gorgeous and what I would like to be doing with the dolls here.

Shakeup at Soom

Thanks once again to Prince Whitemare for spotting this facebook post. There is a bit more about Soom there, but also some very dainty and pretty small dolls, worth a visit on their own!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Benny The Greater

So here's the new, larger Benny head; still with no ears, now made out of Fimo (which is less gooey than Sculpey) and needing some more fine sanding and cleaning out of his eyewells. (The next head I will set up from the start with a support that presses out the eyebacks to begin with, and has a smoother surface for the back of the faceplate.)

Here's the foil being pulled out from the inside of the face--

Once the foil was out, I trimmed back the edges, and you can see the interesting... but unfortunate... texture inside. I actually went and found the dremel and read the instructions so I could use the tiny sander to start eyewells in there. It's a slow business because it looks all to easy to pop through the eyelid without meaning to.

Here he is with his feet--I have a Soom Euclase body with the claw feet and hands (I think it was from the Free Choice Event in 2014), and I am working on painting his feet and body before the weather gets cold.

In case you were wondering, Benny is a church gargoyle and no spring chicken, which is why I wanted to make his head-- since it's very hard to find a "gnarly" guy from the heads commercial doll companies make. He'll have feather wings, and possibly horns, if I can find some from Blue Otter Paradise (since she carries clear and twinkly ones) :) He's designed to be a buddy for Gideon, my eccentric angel.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Granado's Pluto

Granado's Pluto has been released, and he is gorgeous. I would get him myself, but I have no character for him, and more importantly, he is designed to go on the bigger Evol body (which is more or less EID sized) so he wouldn't be size-compatible with the rest of my Granado crew--he'd be more the size of Kip, the Impldoll Plaice, who is an amiable moose, or Phillipe, who is currently hogging more than his share of the doll shelf. I have one slot for a 65 guy on a lower shelf, but even sideways Pluto wouldn't fit, and I hate to store anything that isn't a headless body in such an undignified way. So for now the gorgeous Mr. Pluto has to stay at other people's homes. You can buy his clothing too, by the way, and it might be a good idea since he is a large man. The outfit looks nice, too.

Here is the blank sculpt:

I want someone to make a Steve Rodgers/Captain America fan doll out of him. :D

Dollshe's Fashion Line

Mr. Dollshe has been working on the details of his smaller version of Grant Phillipe and Ausley Love, including some extra hand poses. He has photographs of the dolls laid out in pieces, so you can see all the parts, and where the silicon disks go; which I thought was interesting. (I was not willing to pull apart Phillipe to see what was going on inside). The article (and photos) is here. Part of me wants a big Ausley Love-- so I am hoping maybe next summer she will go on sale. :D My friend Jo has one and she loves, loves her and her posing.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Kalypso Gets Taller

I've wanted to upgrade my Shushu's body for a while--I have never been a fan of the neck key design and finding her shoes...and clothes in general, was hard--she isn't Barbie sized, and isn't MSD/unoa sized, and Fairyland doesn't sell much for clothes unless you want fullsets, AND they now have a bewildering variety of bodies, so it's hard to figure out what fits what. But today was the Mitsuwa meetup, and I went and swapped for a Soulkid body, which is one of those "where have you been all my life" kind of doll experiences. For one thing, the Souldoll body is double jointed and has peanut knees and elbows; she's beautifully balanced, and has a clever if not entirely sucessful ankle design--the calves are the ball, rather than the ball being attached to the feet. This moves well and looks gorgeous but it means the upper edge of the foot is fragile, so she has had some repairs. Overall it's one of the loveliest bodies I have seen, especially for that size. Kalypso is also much less of a bobble head and her head style is compatible with the style of the body. And..she sits now. Like a boss. And now some pix (there is a resin difference because of the age difference between the head and the body, but in person it's hard to see):

And here is a little bun ears wig I found in a box:

I could get used to this size--Francesca also had a little Withdoll guy that was adorable and I really enjoyed seeing him in person...supposedly Withdoll will be doing more 60cm dolls and I may someday end up with one.

It was a fun day all around, even though it was the Day of Regrettable Drinks--so far Mitsuwa is the only place I have found that makes bubble tea the way I like it, but they were out of the Black Milk by the time I went to get one, so I randomly got Litchee (with tapioca). The flavor was fine, it's really sweet--but somehow the texture is exactly like diluted Elmer's Glue. The color of the drink is also very white, and that didn't help. Next time my backup flavor will be Peach.

I came home and rummaged around for something else to drink--I am out of decaf coffee so I found a box of Starbucks Cocoa Flavors and pulled out the Cinnamon Leche, which when made up following the instructions, tasted just like diluted cake mix. I'm looking forward to coffee tomorrow morning, with no sugar.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sculpey vs LaDoll

It turns out that Benny is a small man..too small, in fact; which turns out not to matter: I had finished his ears and was using the pliers to pull out the foil support so I could dig out his eyewells and cook him, and I was doing this over the trash since I was making a lot of little bits of foil..and of course I lost my grip on the head... and BOOM into the trash he went. Luckily it was mostly paper, cookie crumbs and bits of foil in there, but his ears squashed off entirely and his profile lost some shape as well. Raw sculpey is a pain to keep nice. But I fished him out of the bin, and decided it would be better to shape his ears separate from the head and glue them on after cooking them separately-- since they were thinner than the rest of the head and would cook too fast. So I put his head in the oven for 35 minutes, and he came out perfect as far as cooking goes--nice and hard but not scorched or brittle. Then I took him over to the newly arrived Euclase body and it was way. I looked around for the smallest SD body I could find, and even then the size difference was ridiculous. That is an old Soom Gem body up there in the first picture. I've never had that thing look huge before. So I went and got out Jack, my Granado Terra, here giving me the side eye:

Benny was not too successful even on that msd-sized body:

"Fight me, Helen"

On the up side, the cooked sculpey held the hook fine--he feels durable enough to (if he was some realistic size) survive being put on and taken off conventional bjd bodies. I actually like working with the La Doll more, but LaDoll alone isn't strong enough to be kicked around like cooked Sculpey--here is a monster mask I was messing around with for Gravitas, my drowned man:

At the moment it's unsupported LaDoll and about 1 cm thick, and I can snap off the edges with my fingers. The mask will get lined with fabric once it's cleaned up inside, and the outside will be sprayed with Krylon Fusion per Sicktress' recommendation, but I think future items need to have some sort of wire screenage inside to reinforce the clay, and maybe fabric lining, as well as a metal washer to support a head hook. As for Bennie, well, my next head will be much bigger. :D

And he is--this is Benny the Greater, awaiting sanding--he's made of Fimo this time (it's closer to Soom normal)

Still no ears--they will plug into holes you can't see from this angle.

Iplehouse's Omar

The handsome Omar is now up on Iplehouse's Flickr! People on Den of Angels have pointed out he looks a lot like Omar Borkan Al Gala, the hottie who was supposedly asked to leave Saudi Arabia because he was "too hot", if you believe everything you read on the Internet. But Omar definitely is a doll. I'm poor or he'd come home to live with me, or maybe I will just make a little paperclay head of him. It turns out to be fun to make heads, lumps and all.

And Omar is for sale here!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Paperclay (LaDoll)

OMG this stuff is lumpy.

Still rough--she's sandable, which is nice, and I was able to get eyes in her last night. I have not begun to ear with her ;)

Here's Benny, who is all white normal sculpey.

I started him while I was waiting for Tasha to dry a little, and to see how easy Sculpey was to work with compared to LaDoll. The sculpey is harder to deal raw with because any touch mars it, but I am hoping once he's cooked he'll be sandable as well.

I need to go find refs for both of these, so far I have just been poking at them with a crochet hook and a letter opener without much to look at.

Benny is updated now, though still not finished. At least he is NS now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Impldoll Ankle Balls

Last week I bought this very nice Impldoll Idol Realskin body, and once I had unwrapped it and put away all the bits that came with it, I discovered that she didn't want to stand. I took a look at her ankles and they are different from both Coriel's and Erzulie's--

Erzulie is one of the first Idol bodies, and Coriel might be Idol version C-- and this one Version B--I hope so, because Coriel stands fine and I am hoping when my other Idol ships that she will have functioning ankles. Another person was asking about ankle balls on Den of Angels a few weeks ago, so there might have just been a batch where Impldoll was tinkering with the formula, maybe to make them like Iplehouse ankles (Impldoll, don't do it). Anyway, in the photo you can see how small they are and how they are sort of "inside" the foot well. The ankle itself above the ball is tapered to fit around the top, but someone didn't take into account the fact that having a small ball would make the ankle flange hit the edge of the foot itself, which is one reason why Iplehouse ankles are so crappy.

By the way, if you need the foot measurements, go here:

The ankle problem seems fixable with Sculpey. It was really hot yesterday so I didn't feel like running the oven, so instead I used the boil/steam method to cook the sculpey. The color is the "translucent" stuff which I have decided is a fail, because..well you will see.

Here is the ball, raw and uncooked, without the hook hole.

Here it is a little more shaped. Putting the R and L on the back of the balls was the smartest thing I did all day.

My steam setup.

Ready to cook.

I actually ended up steaming them for a total of 30 minutes.

The balls are out, installed, and she stands like a champ--the problem is the steaming didn't make the balls hard enough for 70 cm of pressure from the strings, so this happened.

OK, this time I will cook them according to the manufacturer's directions in the oven. The trouble with this is they come out plenty hard, but the color is ugly. I wouldn't really call that an attractive translucent color. (this color is also impossible to blend smoothly into other colors, and I have tried when making faux opals). Also there was some shrinkage, so the balls no longer fit smoothly into the feet. I ended up putting some lumpy La Doll on there and then painting them so the color wouldn't be so obviously off, but it's still nasty. I need to look for some pre-mixed polymer resin that is closer in color to the Realskin of the Impldoll body.

I also sueded the inside of the shins with chamois to pad them a bit and maybe stop some of the thrashing of the ankle balls.

Since I had the oven pre-heated anyway, I made Luna some ears. They are very silly:

Here they are cooked up, again following the instructions.

Not as nice as the raw dough at all in color; and speaking of dough, whenever I went past the pan I thought "oo cookies" EVERY TIME even though I knew perfectly well what they were. J came home and did the same exact thing, so I broke down and made these:

Just lemon, butter, sugar, vanilla, eggs and flour and a little salt.

Anyway, the current ankle balls do work for now. Maybe I should make her some leg warmers.

I missed last nights posting because we had a tornado warning (the sirens do go off) and we had to sit in the basement for 20 minutes waiting for the weather to go overhead, and then I went ahead and finished baking the cookies instead of processing photos. We just had a few branches in the yard today.