Monday, September 30, 2013

Cake and Vampires

K came today to stay for a week, and we moved a lot of things around in the house to make room for a guest bed. This made Stripey convinced that we were going to move again, so she threw up on the carpet (twice); but once the twin bed got put in the studio, she seemed to figure out she wasn't slated to be pushed into a box, and then she calmed down.

K and I went to Costco, where we discovered than vampires don't like Costco's short hours (they seem to never be open at night):

While we were at Costco K saw the giant chocolate cakes, which are way too large even for three people, but K said "That was the cake that got me through mono! I have fond memories of that cake!"

So we decided we would buy it anyway, though I knew J would say "he could have made one", and then we would have a couple of slices, and J could bring it to the kitchen at work Tuesday and it would disappear. But it turns out that tomorrow at his work is the "Health Fair" where everyone comes in, has a "healthy breakfast" gets weighed and is introduced to several exercise plans, so J wasn't willing to bring in the cake. I said that was fine, he could bring it in Wednesday and say "Thank goodness that health fair is over."

Then we got down to the serious business of deciding where we would eat out during the week. For Tuesday night we picked the Thai restaurant in Naperville, because K likes their fish and soup. She said, however, that this time she "would not put the leftover salmon in her purse" because it leaked, and then she had to throw that purse away.

And while we were shopping earlier, I got a purple Migma body in the mail! At last, Raisin is all one color. :D

Lelahel's Clothing

If you have a Soom Princess (as I think of the 65cm Super Gem girls) sooner or later you are going to want a really fancy dress for her. There are two artists who I think make the Supergems look amazing--one is Nalisinko, and the other is Lelahel. Both of them do unique, fantasy-style clothing that matches the Soom esthetic perfectly. Both are wonderful craftsmen as well as designers, too. Lelahel is French, and her deviant art gallery is here:

Lelahel Clothing

The model above is a Soom Love Me or Die Beryl, named Jeline.

Lelahel also has the only Chloe that looks like she could kick my butt:

Normally Fairyland Chloe looks like this--beautiful, but not tough:

These two ladies were dressed by a Russian artist (I think), the skirts especially are fabulous. I do think that the Iplehouse Jessica on the left is not really into the "Being A Fairy" experience--something about her expression makes me think she is saying: "My outfit was Chloe's idea".

Sunday, September 29, 2013

More Benmore, Stock Nasturtiums

I thought I had killed the nasturtiums by planting them in a hot plastic planter in full sun, but no, it just took them a while to get started. The no-watermark version of this photo is here, if you need a nasturtium for something (?) 3438x2424 pixels

And here is a good yellow one (no bug, either)

Here's the download: 3456x2592 pixels

In other news, the sea lettuce has eaten my pond. I had to take out about half the plants last week, so I could feed the fish, and considering two months ago I plunked down 5.00 a plant at the supply store, I probably put 100.00 worth of plants into the compost pile. But no one wants them back, and at least with the hyacinths, the fish also got to eat quite a few of them; though I think the fish couldn't eat another bite at this point. Most of the fish are now at least 10 inches long and really too large for my bathtub sized pond, but unless Contractor Tony can find time to finish their new Pond Mahal, they may have to overwinter at my place again.

And finally, I poked at Antoine's face a bit more. It's a strange faceup, but it's an even odder sculpt--it would probably make a decent girl with the right painting.

Rumor has it that one of the main Soom sculptors went off to Latidoll last year, and their large sculpts have been different-- Garnet has been the only one who had a face I would have bought on it's own merits this year. But for the tiny lovers, their tinies have been freakin' adorable, so Soom is still doing well.

The Chipmunk Surveillance Camera

We went to Home Depot yesterday to get some mushroom compost and propane (though I will have to apply the compost wisely after the creation of the Morning Glory Monster, which is still growing.) And there, in the Rigid Tool Display area, was the same camera that we looked at in Costco, but for 20.00 less. So after 15 minutes of playing with the display model (though it says that it is NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE of course we looked in J's ear almost right away,) and then we put in in the cart. It is the bomb. The first thing I did when I got home was to open up the vent in the kitchen and look for my lost Benmore Limited Eye, but alas there is no sign of it--I think it is down at the heater end, or even in the heater. When the guy comes out inspect the heater for the winter, I'll have him pry open the duct on the kitchen side and see if he can spot it.

The next thing I did was look for a hole under the pergola decking to see where the chipmunks are getting in; and the results were inconclusive--too many leaves. I did get a closeup of a startled and annoyed spider in the vent that comes out under the kitchen extension, but I discovered that the vent does connect with a tube, and it probably goes all the way back to the heater. I still have to look from the other side of the basement to see. And then I found a dead mouse in an inaccessible place-- on top of the false ceiling of the fireplace/circuit box cubby (yes, the fireplace is in front of the circuit box. The mouse is yet another reason to tear all that out.). The camera works very well--it has two limitations--it's a macro camera, so if you want a long/wide view it is a little nearsighted, and if you get too close to something the LED lights wash out the image, so you have to wiggle around to get the perfect distance. Also, it is surprisingly hard to figure out which way is up. The screen could use a little floating directional display to show that, which would keep the user from spending a lot of time wondering how the birdseed is sticking to the top of the vent. Here is the actual picture of the working display:

Pretty cool, huh? I think realtors should just hand these out to new homeowners as a "gift with purchase".

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Lifted from Should_be_obvious on reddit.

Antoine the Were-Deer

I finally got around to painting up my Soom Benmore late last night, while listening to chipmunks gnawing on the wall by the fridge. We have not yet figured out how to get at them, but there is a new crowbar sitting in the dining room for when we decide on the best angle of approach. I think they are coming in from the kitchen side, where there is a handy vent and no access for us to get at them under the kitchen extension. Whoever built that extension was an really need to be able to reach all areas of your house. I did find another tool at Costco in dealing with this house:

We haven't bought it yet (it's expensive), but not only does it look useful, it looks like a lot of fun. I would take it outside and look into the rabbit holes, too ;)

Friday, September 27, 2013


This God took me forever to finish, partly due to a long chain of stupidity on August 8th. My neighbor Ed had his roof redone, and he hired a "can", 20 feet long, to take away the pieces of the old roof. As is the custom, he came around when the roof was loaded into the "can," to ask if I had anything that I wanted to put in there to fill it up. Ed came by when I was working on the computer, so I had my glasses off, and rather than have him wait for me (since the can was due to be picked up any second by the hauler), I went straight out to the shop and tied shut 6 bags of fiberglass insulation and one bag of some heavy miscellaneous wood and shingling, and carried them around to the can, and tossed them in. Except for the last bag, which I grabbed one-handed, forgetting it was heavy, and wrenched my shoulder. But it got put in the can. I went inside and sat at the computer and went back to work. And rubbed my eyes. Ow. I still had dirt on my face from sealing the bags of trash. I go in the bathroom to wash my face, and wow, the whole upper quadrant of my right eyelid and under the eyebrow is one giant bruise--some blood vessel, probably punctured by a thread of fiberglass, is leaking merrily everywhere. So I go straight out to the car and drive to my doctor, because if it spreads too much I may not be able to use that eye, and driving one-eyed is not recommended. And of course it is August, and it turns out my doctor is on vacation, and the only person there, the clerk at the window, isn't really sure where there is a walk-in center, but she thinks there is one down in Plainfield, where I have never been. I think I know where there is one closer, so I thank her, get back in my car, and drive to what I think is a walk-in clinic. It is, but only if you need gynecological services or an abortion, and while they are sympathetic (it's pretty obvious I wasn't there to protest, since the bruise has now travelled to under my eye), but they aren't willing to find a flashlight and a nurse for me either. Nor do they know where I could find one..on a Thursday, in a hugely populated area, during regular business hours. So I get back in my car (which has no AC, either) and drive towards Plainfield. I see a dentist's office so I pull in, and go up to the receptionist and yes! she does know where it is, and gives me exact directions, too. God bless dentists everywhere. So I find the emergency center, and after filling out about 10 pages of forms, and explaining that it wasn't a workplace accident (saving myself the hassle of filling out yet more forms), I tell my tale of woe to the nurse, who goes away while I read about Kate and William's offspring, and then I get to repeat the whole tale to the doctor. She finds a flashlight, explains that I have broken a small blood vessel in the eyelid, give me a handout for "contusion care" which is obviously intended for people who have them on normal places, like arms and legs, and tell me to see my own doctor if I have any further problems. The useful part of this was having her look with a flashlight to see if there were any visible remnants of fiberglass, which possibly my under-50 neighbor across the street could have done, if I had been thinking clearly. Cost of the "contusion" --more than 400.00, though part of it was paid for by insurance. So I go home, and because working on the computer gives me a headache, I restring a couple of dolls, which makes me realize that I have pulled a muscle in my shoulder somewhere from tossing the bag, which makes using the Wacom stylus and pad uncomfortable. I have not, however, gone to the doctor for it.

Obsidian Ingenue

If you can find 875.00 before Oct 7th midnight, Australian time, or the 400.00 deposit, you can order Twigling's Ingenue in Obsidian. Sadly, it won't be me, but she looks gorgeous. Somewhere, someone has figured out how to cast that heavily pigmented resin without bubbles! That Twigling body is legendary for fantastic posing, too.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Iplehouse Vampire Bianca at My House

Haha terrifyingly... pink! (I think she is pretty adorable...not really what Iplehouse had in mind, maybe!)

The Whispering Grass Frog

Yes, I bought this Frog. I realize that the Frog is a technically "a tiny", but I did not buy it for me. I was hoping it will come in time for Christmas, but it looks like Valentine's Day-- that is ok too. Someone else thought it was cute :D

The Frog:

The Princess:

When she posted this photo she added "I am here for your Dalmatians", but it also shows her new hair streaks. I think she should do her whole head that color.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ersa Flora Eyes

I just love doll eyes, especially the novelty ones. I've been meaning to buy some eyes from Shelly (Ersa Flora) for ages, but instead last year did a Happy Camille Wig order, and then didn't get around to the metallic eyes because at the time I didn't have anyone here who could use them. But eventually I am getting a Granado Sidonia, and I would like to do her up as fu-minn's 3d character Ami, with cyborg/clockwork eyes. I love both of these eyes a lot--at the moment Granado Fayette, who is a similar size, is modelling them. The clockwork eyes are sold singly for 15.00 each, so I just bought one to see if it would work, and now I think I will buy a second one. The blue-silver awesome eyes were 15.00 a pair as I recall, and I love them--I think the metallics that came with Paratiisi may have been Ersa Floras. They catch the light amazingly!

James Gurney paints a Koolasuchus

It's kind of an awesome salamander-thing that lived in Australia millions of years ago, and James Gurney went Down Under to hang out with some Australian artists and paleontologists in order to make a big series of dino stamps. On his blog this week he talks about his visit; it sounds like so much fun! Here are some of the first sketches and the initial color sketch of the Koolasuchus (I assume it's pronounced "cool A sookoos", but I sure could be wrong):

It's that last image of the wet, slightly surly Koola flopped down in his pond that I love. It's so expressive. That Koolasuchus is Having A Day.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Full Throttle Elmo

K went to Kmart today, and sent me this photo from her phone, with caption.


... Found in Japan.

Discount Furnace Filters

You may wonder why there is a picture of Alice with "furnace filters". It's because the size, location and placement of my furnace filter is exactly where that little door is, and to open it you need a very small adjustable wrench, about the size of Alice's key. Once you get the compartment open, it's not hard to slide the filter out, assuming there isn't a chipmunk mummy stuck in it. And twice a year it needs to be replaced so that we aren't blowing dust, dirt and chipmunk molecules throughout the house. Of course this filter is not the size of any filter I can buy at Home Depot. It is a "box filter" 16 by 25 by 3 inches, stuffed with some kind of high-tech fiber spun from cyborg spiders somewhere in China, because each filter costs around 30.00 USD. So I buy them online, from the helpful folks at Discount Furnace Filters. com, the last refuge of the desperate looking for the odd-sized filter. It is an easy place to shop, especially if you know the part number. I know the part number because some previous harassed owner of the house wrote the size and part number on a card and taped it to the furnace; no doubt tired of climbing down on their hands and knees, changing to a different pair of glasses, finding the tiny wrench and opening the compartment to read the numbers on the filter already installed. So I pick out my filters, go to the checkout and then realize that I have NO CLUE what my password is. Or if I had a password. I just want to pay with PayPal and leave, but no, I have to fill out forms, and as soon as I do the PayPal button vanishes, so I have to get up and find my credit card, change my glasses, enter with great unhappiness my personal details, and then my filters are on their way. I spend another 10 minutes filling out a third party survey, looking for a box where I can ask about the missing PayPal button. The survey crashes because I put in a % sign when they asked me how much I got off from using a coupon. I finally get the survey successfully completed, ignore the "get a magazine free for one year and then we will autobill you forever" "prize" at the end, and finally escape to find that they would like me to review my purchase. I decline to write an ode to a furnace filter, because I would write: "It's overpriced but I am hoping by paying too much that it means it will not catch on fire. The last two I bought fit in the space and seemed to work. I hate buying them because it means summer is over and soon I will be trying to decide where to put a humidifier and shocking the cats with static electricity every time they walk across my polyester blankets." Sometimes less is more in advertising.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Olga's Cats at Home

..At Zelda's house! Siamese Cat "Zoe" goes up to say hello to a dubious Iplehouse Ashanti, while Granado Sidonia says "what a good kitty" she is! And as usual, everyone at Zelda's house is superbly dressed, unlike here; where we are still working on the problem.:D

More Special Forces Rebecca Pix!

And there is one more on Iplehouse's Flickr:

And her sales page is up:

And the "B" Makeup option is up!

Blank head:

Casual Photo:

Glamour photo:

Just a great photo:

Ilsonya felt that her "armor" was a little impractical for cold northern climates, and found this illustration to show how it would have to be worn:

But it gets even better if you go to her blog and look at the comments under the Rebecca article (scroll, scroll, scroll need no translation:

I laughed so hard I spilled coffee on the carpet! I kind of want the last one as a doll...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mitsuwa Cuties..and some Elk

Today J and I went back up to Mitsuwa; Akutenshi very kindly told me of the time and the date; and I was having so much fun there that I forgot to take many pictures. I also forgot to make notes afterwards of who belonged to whom. All I can say is that it was The Planet of the Cute. Akutenshi brought her Soom Grey, and he is a gorgeous color, as well as being larger than I remembered (Soom msd dolls are the perfect size for taking out and about; they are bigger than tinies and harder to lose, but small enough to pack well.) She also had a Sueve-Adamelli hybrid that was making me regret not trying harder to get her or a Marl, because the hooves are so cute (and she stands beautifully). Of course I forgot to take pictures of either of these, or her winged fairy, and only remembered when she took out a reworked msd dress that was also adorable (Apparently everyone in Chicagoland sews. Really well.) Here is the dress:

The real colors are much softer and nicer, the fluorescent lighting in that section of Mitsuwa gives everything a sort of cyberpunk glow, especially with my camera. Here's another cutie belonging to another doll owner, who may be named Jrock. The remarkable thing about this Little Fee is the skill of his tattoos, and the size of them--some of the characters are the same size as the text here, all beautifully painted.

Here's a friend of his, also beautifully painted:

Those two were both Fairyland Little Fee. I think the man in the hoodie is a Kid Delf, but I am not sure--I was actually very interested in his beanbag chair, which would be the perfect, not-scratching way to have my non-sitting dolls sit without falling over. I need to make a big test one and see if it works.

And here is a little more camera flail, this time with a DollZone dragon (MUCH larger than I thought from the photos)

And a truly horrendous photo of an Aileen Doll dragon, blank:

He was a seamless little guy, and perfect to fit in the palm of one's hand, and actually in focus in person :D. I think the small cat with the insane grin behind the Dragon is a Pipos Cheshire, but I forgot to ask.

J went over to Rockler to see what they had, so he had a good time too. I would have bought rice cakes and ramen, but I spent my lunch money on two kimonos, sewed expertly by the putative Jrock (I need to go check with Akutenshi to get her name correct, because there were still many unsold kimono in Jrock's bag and they were all stunning.) I'll take photos of them tomorrow in daylight.

And on the way home we discovered the Elk Grove does, indeed, have an Elk Grove. With a herd of elk.