Saturday, June 30, 2018

How To Rescue Cows, By Paradise Helicopters

If you have been seeing videos from the Kilauea  volcano, chances are that they are from Paradise Helicopters--normally Paradise runs tourists around to see the sights, but Paradise had become the go-to for keeping tabs on lava flows. Because of the topography of Kapono, there was a big chunk of farmland that became an island in the lava, stranding cows, horses and goats--all too big to stuff into a pickup truck when the lava started to cover the access roads. So after some consultation, Paradise figured out how to move big animals off the lava "island". Check it out here, six minutes. (This is the same area where Rusty the Lava Rooster was.)

Friday, June 29, 2018

Iris, Complete; and Thistle and Shannon

I will take more photos today; I have had her sleeping plate for ages, but not the complete Steam Age Celine--then Rosaline listed her on Den of Angels and I was so excited to see her, since the Open Eye version is the missing match to the sleeping plate! Here's Iris with closed eyes:

You can see it is the same professional faceup. The Moe body is pretty fun--it's a nice 60 cm size and light compared to my Super Gem girls. Weight is starting to be my new criteria for dolls--I am much more likely to sew for them if I can move them around easily! The feet are silly (the toes are very pointed and fairy like) but they work well. They are also magnet feet, as are the hands--so I need to order some Resinsoul jointed hands to replace the hands, as they tend to fall off. Also Iris needs to hold a pen. But now she can see!  Rosaline sent me the whole box and certificate, and I have to say that Fairyland does a very nice presentation with their dolls as far a packing them securely and attractively!

Also here is an almost weightless Fairyland girl--minifee sized but on the Moe body. I am still working on her faceup:

And I have finally found my Seian a wig that fits. That girl has a huge size 9 head:

And yes, now she needs clothes :D

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Random Wednesday Photos

It was a bit wet in Naperville this weekend :o

Paddleboats don't care about rain:

The lilies do look good with rain on them:

Dragonflies hunker down in the rain:

And it does make the flowers bloom!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Connie, Painted

So here is Connie, all painted, with still her default name (which is a problem as I have a Constance already) She seems to be sort of an 80's style diva and I like her a lot-- but I am not at all fond of that Maiden body, so I need to look around for something that fits her better both in size and with better knees. The Maiden knees are posable, but so awkward looking. This is the first Maiden body as well, so it wants to sit with the legs apart unless you fiddle with her. The tiny feet are really nice for shoes, but not so great for standing. Anyway, here is her head with her homemade eyes:

I think Akutenshi made that awesome wig!

"This body, man..."

Monday, June 25, 2018

Mitsuwa In June

Yes, it's June and I can now put my own fruit on my cereal. The garden got a slow start this year because of snow in April (cranky face), but now it seems to be making up for lost time. Yesterday a very small group of us got together at Mitsuwa, probably because it was a glorious day outside and people were doing other things, but we had fun anyway. Akutenshi brought Dr. Cameo (A Luts Chloe) in her splendid steampunk sari, and did I take a photo of her in her outfit? No, just a detail of the beading:

Luckily, I remembered that Akutenshi sent me a photo that she took of Dr. Cameo's outfit from the front (and her cute little face--she is a Luts Chloe)

There was a Sailor Moon Dollfie Dream there, in her fullset:

Little adorable Yuri on Ice guys:

(You can see in the background that Mitsuwa is no longer peeling paint and green and purple light--it's very nice now!)

I really loved this pair--the tan guy is home-dyed to the most gorgeous caramel color--I love how the iPoly dye looks, it gives some natural color variation to the resin. He's a Souldoll Vito (I think "Liam") and he looks so nice in person--in photos their necks look a little thick in proportion to the small heads, but in person they look great--plus they are so fun to pose and handle! He is small Idealian size, about  52cm tall. I love his feet :D His bestie mermaid is a event FL head and a small-busted centaur body on the Alicia Mermaid body, and that tail is gorgeous--and so fragile! The side fins are held on with magnets and look ready to drop off any minute, so it needed to be handled with extreme care. Eventually Liam will get a long dragon-like dreaded wig, so he will be even cooler.

Mitsuwa has a vendor in the food court that makes..tuna sandwiches. Which are more like Extreme Futomaki. It looked delicious but I was working on a Real Bubble Tea, which I was able to order with "no sugar" which meant that it was still sweet, but not tooth-dissolving sweet. They are still really filling with the tapioca bubbles. 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Prince Min Yan

He's at Alices Collections and he has such a great faceup! Well, not to mention wig and fullset and yes, that tall Loongsoul body. Here's a closeup of his face:

Alices might have leftover slots for him--his official order period ended yesterday, so you can't buy his wig or clothes from them, but you can still order the basic version--this is what is included:

I need to get better at painting faces....

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fire And Water

Apparently some crazy guy and a kayak went out to the Kilauea lava river where it goes into the ocean, and took some footage. The audio is kind of fun.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Altis the Faun

Look at this cutie! His infos were sent to my by Akutenshi, as well as his sale link at the Denver Doll Emporium ! There are only 150 sets of him if you want the very cool faun legs, but he also has a nice human version:

...which also is limited to 150 sets. If you order the Faun Fullset you have the option of Tan, but whew, add the special color to the faceup and you are over 1000.00 He's very nice, though! maybe if you had the space to dress him up and keep him in a case, like a Faberge egg?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nekophoenix's Flickr

I was wandering around the Internets looking for photos from this year's Dollscar in Moscow (I think it was on the 16th and 17th of June) and I was not successful--but I did find Nekophoenix's wonderful Flickr!
Go see all the pretties here:

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ashley Goes For A Walk

I bought a Dollmore doll body from Solen on Den of Angels (a very nice transaction) and she included this adorable stretch dress and bolero as a gift! Though it's sized for the larger Dollmore body, like most Dollmore clothes it has a lot of stretch so you can fit it on lots of people. Including Ashley, my pyromancer (a Soom Snow White). So just for fun, I did a mini-photoshoot yesterday afternoon before the thunderstorms came in.

After the winter, it's soooo green! All the rain has made the weeds lush. Most of my weeds are interesting and fun (though there is some poison sumac mixed in there--I have to keep an eye out for "leaves of three" when I weed). Here are some New England Asters. (I would buy these):

Where I have some rotting timbers, I have this low creeper--maybe Spurge?

I have some black raspberries that should be ripe in just a couple of days, so I will have something to put on my cereal. They look good now, but they aren't ripe until they are almost purple-black.

I still have some wild grape to get rid of, and the perennial thistles, but mostly the garden looks good:

Ashley probably thinks a small lava stream would jazz it up. I disagree. We definitely have more rain coming!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Jerome Blingmaster

He's actually the golden/coffee resin of Jerome Dragonmaster and he is quite the thing. They only made three of him and it looks like they all 2000.00 each. I do like his wings a lot in the pearl resin, but the cost of Jerome probably wasn't in the bling and the costuming, but in casting that coffee resin. Apparently the dark colors dry fast and then tend to trap bubbles and be uneven, so several casts have to be discarded. It's a shame as it's a glorious color. More photos:

He has gilded toenails :D

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Beautiful Money

US money has been small, green and boring for a long time. There has been an attempt to freshen it up over the last few years, and one of the designers is a friend of mine, so I can't complain too much--but if we were willing to go way outside the box, Andrey Avgust has a sharp new redesign--in polymer. To check out the new bills, go here.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Light Limner Connie

She must have been in stock, because she arrived in less than a week. The box is pretty, and quite large:

The certificate is smol :D Like a heavy business card.

She matches the Dollmore NS body that I have pretty well, and she does fit on the neck. I just need to get the body strung and put her head on it, and of course paint her head, though I need to see how other people have done it. Her brow ridge is really arched, so it will be a challenge!

She has a 7/8 head, like a Souldoll. I think either a 14 or a 12 will fit in her eyes, I think it depends on the look you want.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Olive Garden Bot

Keaton Patti is actually a comedy writer, btw Here are the small bits blown up so you can read them: (Click to enlarge)

The Girl's Closet (warning, a fuzzy spider)

I needed to clean out the closet where the girl dolls hang out--I had remodeled it a couple of years ago to have extra shelves and a vinyl floor (making it easier to clean than carpet), and as the dolls were out anyway, I would take a few pictures. It's a good time to check for missing pieces and make a list of who needs what. There are a few girls missing from this photo--two that are not fully complete (missing parts) and two that are boxed up for the Museum of Soom I have going in the basement, one doll that I am considering selling, and one that is visiting the boy's closet for reasons unknown (probably space considerations; the girls closet is packed tight.) It's not a great group shot--I felt that some of them were a little precarious and my assistant doll wrangler is in Philly. When she comes back out in July we might do a new shoot and I will clean up things like the catbox lid and toys you can see here, and set up the space properly for the best lighting. Here are a few close-ups:

Ziggy, Loongsoul Zi Gui

Anastasia, Soom Dark Moon Beryl

Granado Fayette, Soom Cass, Fairyland Seian

Camigwen, Soom Alex

Claudia, Granado Venus

Coral, Soom Migma, Sicktress body

Isley, Granado Venus, Soom Vesuvia body

Iplehouse Luna

Marilyn, Iplehouse Jessica

Samaria, Soom Galena

Souldoll Swinte, Soom Vesuvia, Magic Mirror Studios Siobhan

Sophie Cushion, Soom Beryl

As I was putting the dolls away I happened to look at Stella and thought "I don't remember putting any jewelry on you." So I went over to take a look and it turns out that Stel had found her own ornament (eek!):

I didn't mess with it--though those Phidippus spiders think I am Mighty Tasty, they also eat ants and I have too many ants. I kept picking up and putting away other dolls until the spider decided it was bored and went off to find a snack elsewere. Here's what it looks like up close:

It's ...almost...cute.

And speaking of bugs, I finally found a "Tail Friendly" chair for my Vesuvia, Selket:

She even has shoes now, though of course I didn't think to put them on her for the photo. Most of the girls have shoes at this point, though I am not good about rounding them up and applying them appropriately.