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Miracle Doll Miao

So here is another Miracle Doll--this one is more Bad Cat than Snake God, but I like her styling a lot. She is Miao and you can look at her here:
Her chair, props and friend are pretty cool too!

There actually has been a lot going on here both dolly-wise and getting ready for winter--I have been cleaning the house and trying to resurface the driveway, which is a colossal drag because it went too long between coats and now needs extensive patching. Also selling a few dolls on Den of Angels, and of course then having money in the PayPal results in new peeps coming in. But overall I am getting to somewhat rational amounts of doll. Somewhat :D

Tiny Vanessa

Iplehouse has trotted out yet another pretty FID girl, this time Vanessa. She has the sweetest face :D

And much for affordable then Full Sized Vanessa!

Apoxie Sculpt

So Akutenshi has this cool HHT Automail arm, but it was a bit short on the Super Gem body, and the edge had a crack that needed some reinforcing. So she kindly gave me two large pots of Apoxie Sculpt to make something to extend the arm and to put on the opposite arm. Here is the stuff:

And some closer pix of the new additions:

Other arm:

(You can see the edge crack on the upper half of this photo). Apoxie Sculpt is pretty easy to use if you have used Sculpey--  it mushes and makes shapes in the same way. What is different, is that AS cold-cures; which means once you mix it, the clock is running. It stays workable for 3 hours according to the label, and is completely cured in 24. You need nitrile gloves, metal tools and parchment paper under where you are working. Paper towels are good to clean tools right away. I found AS was the most cooperative at about 1.5 hours after mixing it, taking impressions even better than Sculpey does (it's a little stiffer). I was told that you can r…

Gussie Fink Nottle Wants Your Attention


Arash's Melody Fan Base Compilation

If this doesn't make you smile, you might be dead :D

Velvet Way Doll Eye Supplies

So I am really low on useful eyes. I have a lot of eyes, but they are all "the weird ones" at this point, so I needed some bjd eyes, and when I went to etsy and plugged in that search term, BOOM there was a Etsy shop selling MOLDS. Oh boy!! I have a homemade mold but it is not flexible, so it is a drag to get the sculpey back out when you press the sculpey in, even using cornstarch as the release. This mold up above is for cold cast resin, and I am ready to either go buy some resin and give it a spin, or bake sculpy using the mold to shape the eye base. Now Velvet Way also sells the other part of the set, the molds for making the cornea/iris:

I had to pay attention that I was buying a compatible iris mold to go with the base --I chose the "Medium" one which has 12mm and 14mm as part of the set, since that is what I use 90% of the time. This I really will use resin for, unless I can get my little Modge Podge Jewelry acrylic to sit and dry properly and bubble-free i…

Some Eyes and the Mitsuwa Meetup

Some cool resin eyes made by Lynn Corr--these were experiments, but there will be more to follow. The gold ones are cast metal, and look very cool even without the iris inserts. I forgot my camera at the monthly Mitsuwa meetup, But Akutenshi kindly took some photos instead:

See that backpack in the middle? It was STUFFED with unbelievable, hilarious amount of tiny toys.

That wig is yarn, not alpaca--yarn that was combed and combed and combed to pull out all the loose fibers. The end result is very shiny!

This girl's outfit is so pretty--I like how shy she looks!

This is an etherial Island Doll Noah, on a tenshi body--it's a very posable body and the hands are beautiful. I also like his otherworldly eyes.

I did clean some things and ship a doll, but otherwise I wasn't too productive today.

A Purple Soom Chalco

So here's a lavender lovely that Soom just put up! I think the Chalco head looks very nice on the new 2016 body (It's long and slim) and what a nice color! Experience tells me the reds will fade over time, but he will keep any sparkles and that gorgeous shape. The horn blushing should stay bright as well.
And looook at the feet! Chalco legs are very heavy but that means that he stands like a rock, even on uneven ground. I kept mine for a while even after the person wearing them had moved on, they were so cool.

Also, his clothes are so fun. He looks very cultured and elegant!

Esmet ChiChie

I have no idea, but it will make you dance :D Mr. Arash again.

Iplehouse Erica and a Car

I received her in a trade... with so much cute stuff!! She is the NYID size, the same as my Bliss, so I am hoping clothes will go twice as far. She looks adorable with cooking pots and model food so I think she will have a cooking career. It's a great excuse to make tiny food.:D

We also bought a used car today. We have managed to save enough to pay for it and not have payments hanging over our head, but we will be a bit poor for a while. A good reason to stay home and clean and fix things! When we filled out the paperwork we read, with amusement, that sales people are not allowed to call the cars "cream puffs" "cherries" or make remarks about previous owners (ours came off a rental company, apparently that was OK to tell us). Since it is a white car it was immediately "The Cream Puff." It has air conditioning and I can run the lights at night without maybe setting the car on fire--this will take some getting used to :D. Also the paint is all one colo…

Eros and Aphrodite at Iplehouse

Harace has been reborn as Tiny Aphrodite (actually the Fashion Iplehouse size). She is painted up to be 100 per cent less sullen than the original, and she has some really lovely jewelry too. I especially like the shell necklace. There is also a new Baby Iplehouse Doll, Eros. He's all dressed up and ready for trouble, though this version looks pretty friendly:

He looks like he would make a cute "shoulder angel" for one of the bigger dolls. Iplehouse also has an auction currently going of several handsome tan guys, and a pretty tan Yui, so you might want to go check it out.

Leah K's Flickr

If you are looking for something nice to look at for a few minutes, check out Leah's Flickr, here:

There are a lot of beautifully dressed bjds, and some cool art!

Also I think if you click on the art, you can see her Deviant Art URL and see Even More cool stuff.
I remember when she first got this Lishe and was customizing it--she was adding the face paint in Photoshop. I suspect now that the character is fully painted "for real" now, as Leah's customizing skills look awesome.

Phoenix Doll Orla

So I have snoozed a little through a new Phoenix Doll release--this is the newest, Orla.

Here is the company info and stats for her: (Click to enlarge)

Here is the blank head:
And a couple more beauty shots:

She is shown on a Dollshe body--they are gorgeous-- but you do have to wait for them ;) I love this little company--they ship fast in beautiful boxes and the resin and the casts are beautiful.
 My Cyborg Mei has been on various bodies, and I like her on all of them; eventually I will make her a project body with sculpey additions. Right now she is just looking cute on a Mirodoll body, which except for the elbows, is a pretty decent little body:

Here is the other newish head, Liu
I have seen her blank on Den of Angels (you need to be a DoA member to see it) and it is such a wonderful, detailed sculpt!

Just Jessica

I needed Marilyn for a comparison shoot, so I took a few extra photos. :D Such a great sculpt!

Mermaids at Angell Studio

They are SO PRETTY. Go feast your eyes on the photographs here. I don't like resin tails myself, I find them limiting, but if you had an empty aquarium, wouldn't these be lovely? No fish flakes needed. :D Many thanks to Akutenshi for spotting these!

Dollshe Amanda on Sale

Dollshe's Amanda Beauty is on sale! Through the magic of 3d printing for the mold master, she comes in a variety of sizes now:

Smallest is 31 cm :D

Tiny Hand Repair

As much as I love jointed hands, I do not love restringing them. I think these are Dika Doll hands, and they were getting so floppy the fingers dangled, so I reluctantly took the most floppy hand apart.

My experience with taking other things apart was helpful--I was careful to keep the pieces separate and in order, which was good. The new elastic was actually too thick to go through the ring and pinkie fingers, so I had to redo the old elastic for those fingers. Next time I am going to find some jewelry elastic, the colorful, very thin kind they use for bracelets. Even with micro-tweezers and tiny pliers, it was a pain. I did get them tightened and back together after a struggle; so Cherry, (a Soom Garnet), can hold things again.

The Giant Tarot Card

K likes big hangings to decorate her apartment--they fold up small when they aren't up, which is useful if you have a small space but like to have a lot of color and interest in it. So I found this at Matt Green Designs on Etsy and ordered it--it came in about a week and was even bigger than I expected (it's 80 inches tall). You can ask for any of the Rider-Waite cards in a variety of sizes. I liked the feel of this one--it's smooth, tightly woven fabric a bit like ripstop nylon, but softer to the touch than most printed fabrics, and looks like you can wash it in cold water by hand when needed. It folds up to about the size of a keyboard, too.

Impldolls New Star Body!

This body has new engineering! Look closely at the neck, and at the shoulders in the next photo:
Look at the mobility on the neck and how the shoulders can lift up! There is also a refinement of how the upper thigh joint can fit into the main thigh piece, it's a much smoother join that before:

I'm so curious to see this body in person--you can order direct from Impldoll, or though either Alice's Collections or Denver Doll. I think direct from Impl may have the fastest turnaround time, but Alice has slightly more fluent English and Denver Doll is very convenient if you are in the United States.

Speaking of Denver Doll, how about a video tour? Just a phonecam from Anne Picaro, but you can get an idea of what the store looks like and what they have. (WAY more wigs and shoes than I expected!) Seven minutes, sound is a little uneven but gets better midway.

Garnet, the Preserver of Order/ SG Female Body sale

Ooo, Soom has released a Tawny Garnet! This is the Open Eyed version, there is also a cream white Romantic eyed version:

The outfit is splendid too! You can buy it separately. But most importantly, if you need a Cream White or Tawny body, you can buy it separately! Woot!