Many Moons

I like the older dolls, the ones designed by Cerberus Productions. When I started buying dolls in 2007 they were the "hot dolls" at the time and I couldn't afford them. But as time has passed they are considered old and busted, and they are inexpensive now on the secondary market; especially the Moon sculpt, who was almost as popular as the Lishe and El in '07 and '08. The first one I got was a Redemption the Moon, just his chipped little head, no splendid costume or even a body. He's still one of my favorites. And a couple of months ago I bought a Fairyland Vamp Moon that had his teeth sanded off by someone, for the price of a decent dinner. All told, I have 5 of these guys, with various mismatching bodies. Here's Vittorio (He was Viktor at his last house, and as I had no name for him I kept it as close as possible while making him a brunette instead of a blonde.) I wonder why they took his teeth off? They are so tiny, like cat teeth.

This is what the Vamp heads look like with the teeth.. I think Vittorio has had his eyes opened as well. This is Alejandro the vampire:

(Ellis the Ghost is down with the haunted apartment story). My last Moon is a Dreaming Moon, and the poor man ended up fitting a girl body that I had, so Queen Hermione he is. He needs some better dresses:

I think that's all of them at the moment! I'm still tempted when I see them go by on Den of Angels or Ebay.