Monday, January 30, 2012

Topaz Goes to Alabama

Usually when I part with a doll, it's because I need money. Occasionally it is because one arrives, I look at it, I put a face on it and try to develop a character for it...and it doesn't work. Topaz simply isn't a gothy fairy. I mean, look how cute she is... even in the blank eyes and gritty makeup. I knew when she came that she would be highly tradeable, which is why today she was packed up and sent to her new owner, and in return I will get a second Cream White Migma head, who may not be willing to be a goth fairy either, but whose sculpt I really love (I already have the purple version). I also have a matching CW body in a box downstairs for the Migma head. It's true it's a Breccia body, but it's close to the Migma's default body. I still need to find a purple Migma body for less than 800 dollars, though.

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