Thursday, November 29, 2018

The New Impldoll Star Body

We have had early snow and while it's been inconvenient  (the garage door is still broken so the cars are outside) it's also pretty. I am sure the mail carriers hate it, though. I finally received my newly designed Impldoll Star female body, and it's a fabulous poser! Here is a first look at the "White Skin" it's more of a pinky crystal color:

It's also a bit translucent, which is gorgeous but a little hard to match for heads. The shoulders are very wide--great for bigger heads, not suitable for Souldoll girls, but maybe good for the older Iplehouse dolls.

Here she is with a head:

This is a Granado Gitana head, and it's not bad. The look is like a old Feeple body. The shoulders work really well, and the neck has realistic movement, too. The legs pose very naturally, too--and stand well!

Look how innovative the upper legs are--they work brilliantly. I did find someone who had resin that was close to the Impl resin--the Phoenix Doll Android Mei:

Look how cute she is! The shapes on her face look right with the stylized shoulders of the new body, and I really wanted a posable body for her. The translucency of the body is perfect with the resin of the head! I would give this body a recommend for a larger head, but you should be sure to tell Impl what resin color you want, and how translucent you want it--you may need to send them a sample, but the end result will be a supremely posable girl.

Now I need to find her a wig that matches :D

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