Soo Gets A Makeover (Again)

I think Soo must be one of Iplehouse's favorite girls, she has had FOUR different faceups (this is "D"). Iplehouse has some cute new clothes as well, all the clothes I have bought from them have been of very high quality, if sometimes mysterious to put on.
She is still on my wishlist, though I like the Option B sort of punky faceup the best, but meanwhile I am buying a new roof for the house, so no dolls for a while--though I did a trade with Akutenshi and now I have an Elemander head and a Minifee dryad.  I do have a tiny dress cut out for Bella I need to finish up after the shoes I am texturing are done.

Here are a couple of the shoes:

Ladybugs. :D


  1. Soo is one of my favorite faces. I have 4 Soo heads. I love thos red and black shoes too.

  2. Soo will come home someday--I should start putting money in envelopes so I can order her for my birthday at the end of the year :D Thanks for the shoe compliment! I wish I could just print them out for the dolls..or me :D


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