Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Haunts, again

K has some friends that lived in a haunted apartment in Philly. Derek, and yes, Shaggy shared an apartment, so it seems inevitable they would have a ghost :0. Anyway, they kept hearing noises at night. Little scufflings and shufflings, not like rats (all too common in Philly). They were somewhat chemically enhanced while they were "at home" so they never investigated..until one of the ghosts stole Derek's comforter. (K said "Presumably so that the ghosts could cut eyeholes out of it and put it over their heads and float around). That was a bridge too far, so Derek armed himself with a baseball bat and went up the attic stairs. He reached the top of the stairs, kicked open the door..and screamed. The two crack addicts bunked down in Derek's comforter there also screamed, jumped up and raced for the door, past Derek and down the stairs, and out into the street. (I presume Shaggy downstairs was screaming too, but K didn't know.) Derek got the lock fixed on the apartment and that seemed to have been enough to exorcise the ghosts.

"Darn kids, if it hadn't been for that comforter, we'd still be in there!".

Again, no picture of this, so I will put up my own resident ghost, Ellis. Ellis is an imaginary Kabuki ghost, wearing a variant of Hero makeup. Actually he's a Fairyland Vamp Moon, and quite yellowed, though neither he nor I care. He was painted up by Laura Buff.

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