Sunday, July 10, 2011

Table Biter

I've been busy trying to get the house ready for Friday's re-assessment. So far the biggest headache has been the old metal windows. I put putty on them yesterday since they leaked Friday in the downpour we had (the basement flooded a little, and one basement window looked like an aquarium and had to be bailed out). Applying putty requires digging out a handful of Dap33 glazing out of the tub and hand-rolling it into a greasy, disgusting snake, and then pressing it around the edges of the glass. Metal frame windows don't use glazier's points, but something like a mutant paperclip. I haven't figured out how to set those correctly so the newest pane may pop out if someone kicks it, so I am hoping no one does.

K went to a couple of parties on Saturday night. The second one was a graduation party with a pirate theme, with a ton of friends and family. K was put out that the invitation did not specify pirate dress, as K owns a splendid pirate hat. The guests included small children. One toddler had trouble helping himself to the hot dog buns (K said he was mangling it with his fingers) so after some hesitation K offered to pull a new one out for him, but he shook his head and stuffed bits of the bun in his mouth. Later K saw him biting the edge of one of the tables, and K advised the next person who came up to the table not to touch it, as it had "serious kid cooties." K felt that the table biting improved neither the table nor the child. I suspect teething.

A friend sent me a doll. It was supposed to be just a body, but when I opened the box there was the complete doll and clothes and eyes. So of course he is now sitting on the bureau, smirking, since I didn't use him for another head I have. He's a Dollmore Huey Lewis, and yes, he's named after the singer. I have no clear recollection of what the real HL looks like, but I suspect there isn't much resemblance. Huey is a good-looking doll, though.

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