Bass Pro Shops

Well, I am now living in Chicago. I have not gotten my updated driver's license yet, but after much drama I have my cardboard temporary plate on my car. (The locksmith who came to put new locks on the back door and the garage took an interest in my spinning the bolts on the back plate, and after some dremelling and drilling we got the Jersey plate off. It will take professional help to get the real plates on when they come, we totally thrashed the bolt holders in the process.)

Anyway, J took me to Bass Pro shops as a sort of Christmas pre-event. We were looking for thermal underwear and instead I found Taxidermist Disneyland.

You have to click on it to see how over-the-top it is. It is three stories high and includes a giant tank of some kind of freshwater fish. (Walleye or carp or something, I have no idea.) There was an enormously fat catfish in there as long as my arm, too; sadly the picture came out blurry. Even more amazing, apparently Cabela's has the same thing. Since I am at best a spin fisherman, I have never bothered with going anywhere but KMart for my fishing licenses and supplies, so I have missed this spectacle.

The attached bar there has a coral reef, actual size. I want to go back with a low-light camera and order a rum and coke and take more photos. It's cheaper than a flight to Florida. ;)


  1. Bass Pro stores are recommended for buying knitting needle storage supplies. I never really considered going there, but I think you've changed my mind. I wonder if our local Bass Pro is anything like this!

  2. Tell me if it is! Maybe they have a coral reef too;)


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