Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crystal Impl Feeple

My birthday is close to Christmas. I received some money for it and as usual, promptly spent it on a doll thing. In this case I upgraded a body for Crystal, whose fabulous ears were (in my opinion) too wide for her "native" Impldoll body. (Image on the left). I like the Impl body for some heads; it's very tall and narrow and looks great in Victorian skirts, but poor Crystal just looked like a bobblehead on it. So I found a slightly used Fairyland Feeple body, which is basically a elongated version of the old Luts Delf body (the one Roswell is on). It's an elegant body, but it is the first body that I have had to wire and apply "sueding" on to get it to hold a pose. Usually *I* am the one picking out the previous owners' wires, hot glue and moleskin, but this time I jammed in some copper wire into her arms and painted the inside of her elbows, knees and shoulders with clear acrylic gesso (thinner and less lumpy than hot glue, with a little tooth to it.) Now she can call a taxi if she needs to.
The blue stuff is so I can put the picture in Photobucket. Apparently Dolly Porn is ruining the Youth of America. But if you make some blue marks it's all ok, because now it's invisble. 0_o Apparently naked animals are still ok.

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