This is Sphaler Head no 8, which makes 8 tiny reindeer (or kirin) for my Christmas holiday. Never mind that I'm short at least one body, some other resident doll may have to lend theirs so I can get all the Sphalers in a group photo for the most Ridiculous Doll Christmas Card Ever. Meet Brisbane:

He's currently on an FDoll boy body so he looks like a bobble head, but it means he can also wear some pretty cool clothes that don't fit on the bigger guys. He's from an Australian Den of Angels member, and he may be a rental rather than a long-term member of the collection; as she is still quite fond of him and I am not sure I need to permanently stable 8 of these guys here. I'm guessing the climate change alone is a shock--I know I'd rather be in Australia right now on the beach, instead of in thermal underwear and with 10 boxes of books still to pull out of the 25 degree garage and haul up 3 flights of stairs. I've been told this is the mildest winter anyone can remember here.