Granado Female Nuevo Hip Stringing

I have a factory-strung Granado Nuevo body now, and I finally yesterday got around to restringing the older body I had here. The elastic is separated into three pieces, one for each leg and one for the upper body and head. The legs have the ends of the strings tied in a knot inside the hip to a resin hook.

See how the hips now stick out? It turns out this is a good thing--not only does it make her stand more securely, she actually has more side to side mobility for some reason. (The sueding really helps too, as Granado resin is very polished, and I am not good with hot glue). But best of all, she now sits easily!

This is a great body for Soom heads, by the way!


  1. My gosh they are getting more and more complicated with the stringing. O_o I thought the RSDoll spine was tricky, but this is O_O

    1. It's actually a lot easier than the Fairyland 65 body--that thing is a nightmare. I took one apart on my lunch break and regretted it--back a few month there is a blog entry about it. The Granado body actually has both the aesthetic of no cuts-- but the ability to tighten the legs by pulling the elastic up through the pelvis, so you can really get them the right tension. Now that I know the trick I really like them (though the feet would be better larger.) :D


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