1820's Ball Gown/Tumblr

I blame K for getting me hooked on Tumblr--that and the fact that it's suddenly much easier for me to find the things that interest me. This dress is on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's costume collection; I got it from this tumblr:

Fashions From History

Of course if you follow a lot of tumblrs, you also get whatever random content the owners decide to pop up, which means that not everything you get on your "dashboard" is what you might expect. This pretty much sums up what I get:

When I put this together I forgot to add Game of Thrones related stuff, which is probably as big as the Supernatural stuff, and macaroons. And cake.

Anyway, this is the front of that gorgeous ballgown--I love the fabric:


  1. I think somewhere there is a blog tutorial on stuffed regency trim puffs. I bet those cartridge ruchings (same fabric turned sideways, just awesome use of design!) are a bit stuffed with something.


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