Not Dead :D

No, I have just been really bad about updating the blog. For one thing, it's become a wretched spamfest, despite me pointing out in the titling that comments are moderated, so the comments I want to see get buried in a mass of other ridiculousness. The other problem is that I have been on the computer almost all day, so by the time the evening rolls around, I tired. I've been actually working, though, making stuff for Renderosity and learning How To Do Things, which is fun and exciting. Flat digital dolls are pretty fun, too.

 Luckily the real dolls are patient, though I have been gradually reducing the numbers over time, because of my lack of storage both physical and mental. I can't believe that at one point I had almost 100 SD dolls, it was madness...trying to keep all the paperwork, shoes and parts sorted and cleaned was almost a full time job in itself. Fewer dolls is actually much more fun and they are better kept--I still wish I could unload all the boxes in the basement, but it's harder to sell a doll without it's original packaging...but I may end up tossing boxes anyway. The boxes definitely fail the Marie Kondo test.

As a side note, I killed my Facebook page--I got a good hard look at Facebook's shenanigans and how they are just a way to harvest as much data about you as possible; and I decided I didn't want to give Zuckerberg any more of my money, or time. Luckily I wasn't heavily invested in it and I didn't have much personal info there, though there was an amazing amount of accurate profiling that happened because of my friend's circles. I'm just glad I never had it on a smartphone app. I ran across a fun article in PopSci the other day about other places to leave your data, if you are so inclined ;)

Anyway, we are just trudging through the Chicago winter at the moment, and I hope everyone is having fun in spite of whatever Mother Nature is currently throwing at you!