Cold Snap Pix

Negative 18F is pretty tiresome. We had to replace the outside faucet, and everything in the house creaks from whatever tiny amounts of ice were in the boards. It was business as usual for the birds, though:

Cat mode when it's cold:

Even better:

Then it warmed up, and we had an amazing ice storm:

It's hard to tell, but everything has a layer of ice on it..then the wind blew and the ice shakes off, and makes noises like someone throwing ice on the roof--big cubes of it. The roof is looking like it needs to be replaced soon, which I am not looking forward to, since today the hot water heater decided it was old enough to have the thermostat quit. It's always something, it's just less easy in the winter.

Ice chunks. A few were 6 inches long. I'm very happy the cars can both fit in the garage for times like this.

I'm ready for it!


  1. Ouch. Nothing like a new roof, water heater, et al. Tama cat lives under his fuzzy blanket. We've taken to telling the seagulls to take their storms back out to sea with them. A lady in the store the other day had a good theory: we're getting all the rain we didn't get during the drought! Phone flood warnings are just a background noise out here now.

    1. So Much Water :o You are getting Seattle's order of rain, lately! I saw photos of NorCal and that was some serious flooding. Keep warm and dry! (And give Tama a hug for me).

  2. First chance I have had to check your blog lately - Ebay is eating up my time & LIFE! Ice storms are always so beautiful but sometimes so damaging. Once -when my father was ill in MI-I took Amtrak to MI and on the way back there was an awful ice storm in Ohio. From the train it was utterly magnificent. The early morning sun made the pastures look as if they were covered in diamonds.
    All of the years spent on Lake Michigan - never saw the severely cold temps that this year has brought.


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