Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Roswell is just a body at the moment. I saw her head for sale on a private marketplace for only 30.00, as it was in bad shape..or it looks like it's in bad shape, though it's hard to judge from the freaky cameraphone picture:

The photo is kind of an art piece in itself, and the head is a good head underneath it all, a nice old-school CP Des head with elf ears. So I have paid for it, and am now waiting for it to be shipped. I think the owner is 16 and has neither transportation or any sense of urgency about mailing it, so I may end up writing off the 30.00 and go find another Des/Soo head to put on the body above. My friend C and Erin dyed the junk Delf body above with RIT dye, and though it is not perfectly even, it's much nicer than I was expecting from the powdered dye (liquid Rit is supposed to work much better), and it's a gorgeous color (which you can't tell between my kitchen light and the blue light bulb). The dye acts as sueding in the joints, too, so she poses like a dream now. She just needs her little head...!

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