Fu Bai has feet now; he's on an Impldoll body that belongs to one of the other Sphalers, and Chalco hooves. The Chalco hooves are huge, heavy and impressive, but Fu Bai makes them look more like elk hooves than Pan hooves, with his serious little face. I forgot that his old box is too small for the hooves, and I was running around the house yesterday morning holding the poor man under the armpits, trying to think of a place to hide him because there were viewers for the house coming at 11:30 am, and of course they look in all the closets to see if their own crap will fit (and of course it won't, because mine doesn't, they will have to bring chest of drawers and trunks like I do) and Fu Bai was too long for my small chest of drawers, and the deep drawer in the big bureau already has Rain and Bryan tucked in together and they looked annoyed at me pushing them about to see if I could cram Fu Bai in there as well. No one was interested in a menage a trois.

I was desperate enough that I even eyed the laundry hamper --and though I could put him in there and put a clean towel over him so there would not be a 3 foot tall "devil doll" standing all embarrassed on the hearth with the tongs and the broom and the stone hippogriff, I was afraid someone would poke in the laundry hamper just because they could. But then I found a box that had wrapping paper in it from ages ago when the school did some fundraiser, and he just barely fit, and I was able to tape it closed and stuff it under the twin bed. Whew!