Monday, October 31, 2011

Roswell's head arrives

Well.:o Here she is and she is pretty freaky. She's a large head, and quite beauty green "My little Martian cutie", and she has purple eyebrows. Which I sort of like. She is also very bumpy, and has some kind of scar on the bridge of her nose. My plan is to just live with how she is, clean her up with some solvent, and paint her to match her body, covering up most of the problem. I could try to sand her and build her up with epoxy sculpt, but sometimes I think that just adds to the problem. I'd rather just take her as she is, dings and all. ;)


  1. I think the scar is cool - gives her a little mysterious history!

  2. It does! When I cleaned her I found that someone had cut the eyes much larger at one point, and I think they slipped with the tool. There was a very professional-looking epoxy repair in the back to make her eyes the original size. (It might even be my friend Laura Buff's work). I'll take another picture of her today. :)


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