Friday, October 21, 2011

Fancy Feet and Art Meat

At last we have the fancy feet on Balthazar, the Soom Sphaler, and he will not be keeping them. They are much too sharp and heavy, and I am going to get some kind of injury off of them if he keeps wearing them. So I may make him some sculpey feet instead. Since he's wearing sculpey horns I made for him, he might as well be all of a piece.

K called me last night fit to be tied, because the painting class is having it's mid-term exhibit in a gallery room. K and B (another student) went in and painted the walls gallery white and fixed up their assigned spaces (B does abstracts, K does huge oil paintings of scenes from Bollywood movies, for Non Western Cinema Aesthetics and the Portrayal of Women in them). The next day K was hanging paintings and T, yet another student, came in with some meat in a bag. Old smelly meat. And started tacking it up on the wall opposite K and B's stuff. K was like..."what is that? Won't that smell?" T replied, "I want it to smell". K was livid, since it was kind of a pervasive art piece, might stink up everyone elses' stuff too, and K is very fussy anyway about clean and smells. (All the ducts in K and B's studio were washed by K with bleach to get rid of any mold, standing on a ladder, about 15 feet worth of giant duct.) So you can imagine.
It's mean to laugh.

The professor's verdict on the meat exhibit; "Not enough meat."

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