Broken Foot

I was contemplating doing a trade with my Iplehouse Yur. Somewhat reluctantly, as I like her a lot, but there was a tan Carina that would be an upgrade for my Nanuri/Delf...anyway, I was thinking about it, so I opened up the box to take some pictures and discovered her right leg was unstrung. And yes, the resin hook had broken off in her ankle, a classic old-style Iplehouse problem. (The new Iplehouse feet have solid loops of resin rather than hooks.) So I thrashed around a little and came up with a solution that seems to work:

So since she isn't mint any more, I will be keeping her. :) Here she is, looking a bit resentful at being bald and mauled about:

It's been a busy week, I finished another cover and am working on two more.
This one was done with Christina Yoder, she did much of his face, the little fairies,the special effects and the text; I did the walls, the armor and much of his hair (violin is stock):