Measuring Denzel

Ok, it looks like a science thing-- but my measuring tape has a 1cm metal tab on the end, plus it has my name written in marker over the centimeter side because in the US, who sews with centimeters? Now of course, I need to go get a narrow cm measuring tape so I can sew for dolls.
Anyway, I figured a picture would be better so that people could see where I was measuring. I would still take these numbers with a grain of salt, and use a muslin to create your pattern first. The tape draped over his shoulder starts noplace--it was just so that if someone wanted scale, there would be something there. The 15 cm mark is exactly on his shoulder seam, though. His wrists are around 7cm, the mobility joint line is about 18.5 cm around.


  1. One more measurement I'd like is total shoulder width - at the widest point, outside the shoulder joint. Or from shoulder joint to shoulder joint; you'd just need to make a generous sleeve cap to accommodate his muscle.

  2. I can measure that tonight! LOL I hadn't meant for you to sew something for him (unless you want to), this was a request from a doll board person.:D

    1. I didn't think you meant that- the shoulder measurement is in case I get inspired to knit something. I was bummed out by my last dismal doll sweater, so it's taking a long time for inspiration to come back.

  3. Aww, I couldn't knit a washcloth so you are way ahead of me! I still haven't measured yet, he's back in his box while I paint up some other heads (instead of working--I hit a snag on the latest cover and I have to figure it out in my head before I put it in pixels).


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