Turkish Yarn

This is some yarn from JoAnn's, made in Turkey: "Sensations-Beautiful", (which is probably a direct translation from the Turkish.) The sign on the rack said "Angel Hair" and since I was looking for wig yarn, I bought it. It's 3-ply, two curly strands and one "hairy" strand..and the "hairy" strand, once I flattened it out, said DOLL EYELASHES to me. I hate commercial doll eyelashes--half the time they are just the regular plastic ones you can get for humans at Target, just cut down and the price jacked up. Other times the lashes come on strings, looking like anorexic centipedes. They never look nice to me. But this hairy strand looks fantastic--it would need to be stiffened, maybe with acrylic medium, painted on wax paper so it will peel off. I'd try starch, but bugs find starch tasty, and I am not willing to invite little guests in.

I already have imported mice; last night around 11:00 the cats brought in a field mouse and chased it around until around 4 AM, when they got tired. I found the mouse unharmed behind the bookcase in the morning, and tossed it out with the tongs into the grass behind the shed, startling a rabbit. At least the cats did not bring in a rabbit.

The feather is from a cheap feather duster I bought for Stripey Cat this afternoon, to make up for removing the mouse. There are now feathers all over the house. This feather will probably also be made into eyelashes or some decoration. Stripey won't miss one feather.