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This is the email I received after signing up again on the new Immortality of Soul site; the website and domain has been changed to be much easier to navigate than the highly mysterious previous site, where you had to just mouse around hoping to hit a link, and spend a lot of time looking at the artist's cats while trying to locate the Store and what releases were coming up. I have a single IoS doll that I adore, and that doll "G" was released at the same time "S" was. Both were very limited (I think there were 20 of each) and I would very much like to have an S. IoS is going to release S again, but I am not going to tell you when. Because you will just have to do your own homework--that way I have a better chance at getting an S of my own :D But here is a link to her site:

Immortality of Soul Index

Rummaging about on the site I found something interesting: Artist R is the founder (she started IoS in 2006, I believe) and then more recently invited her twin sister Artist M to created dolls with her. My "G" is by Artist M.


  1. Fish, Thanks for posting this. I love the new site but trying to register again and it keeps telling me to check my job?? Jo

  2. ROFL I have no idea what that means..I just started with a new email and user name and sort of blundered along, because sometimes sites keep some of the old info and that messes up new passwords. Email me and maybe I can remember the steps!

  3. I finally figured it out - just slow on the uptake.
    I posted on the new over 55 board that we lost our 14+ Siamese mix cat last week. (It is so nice to be able to post things like that and there were so many kind words - lots of cat owners on the board.) I always thought it would be easier to not have to put a much loved cat down, but the surprise of finding Zoey stretched out in her favorite chair and gone just devastated both Rob and I. She was running about like the nutty cat she always was Sunday morning and died sometime Sunday afternoon. No more cats - that is the sad part, as they would outlive us and Eric is allergic. I will miss my nightly cuddles and sometimes rude awakenings in the morning. Hope all is well with you..Jo

  4. Aw, Jo, so sorry to hear that! I will write you directly!


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