The Chicago Worldcon

I had a good time, I sold some paintings, and I accepted a Chesley Award on behalf of Tom Kidd:

Those awards are heavy, like 10 pounds heavy.They are for work done in 2011, which is why that date is on the awards. Here's the lineup with the one we need to repair

More stuff from the weekend--I didn't take too many photos, I was busy. Here's a spacesuit in the Exhibits:

The view from the hotel window:

A bandolier of convention ribbons worn by Kerry, the Art Show Director:

Traditional convention food:

A restaurant review near the party board announcements:

A circuit box in the Art Show I can make into a small robot in a painting:

The ambulance who came to remove a fan not feeling well:

And what I think is a traffic signal on the river, since ships pile up behind it on the landward side:

And finally the underside of the Bean in Millenium Park:

I'm still pretty sleepy today.


  1. The restaurant review invoked instant memories of dinner at the golf club restaurant in La Mirada.

  2. Haha yes, I had forgotten about that! We never went back, either.


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