Migma Parts

I needed a Migma body for the Migma head I have floating around..I had bought a Breccia body without the foot paws and then realized I did not have any ankle balls for it..I had feet, and shins, and hands, but no ankle balls. (I will have to rig something up or see if I can find some heel feet with built-in balls).

In any case, I had a chance to get this Migma body cheaply, and when it arrived I realized that the seller did not just send me the body, but all the fantasy parts, including the wings, the horns, the magnets and the hilarious "bat feets."

The wings are fun, if puzzling. They have a resin hinge that goes into the back cuts,(here):

but the inner shape of the hinge is odd, and not shaped to fit neatly in the cut. In fact when I tried to fit it just with my fingers, it pokes the strings. Some investigation will be needed, I guess. I do know to be careful with the wings, they are heat-sensitive--and Australian collector had hers droop when the temperature in her house hit 110 F.

The old girl Soom body armspan is 17 inches across,wrist to wrist, in case you want to know. :D