Galactic Geographic

My friend Karl Kofoed also likes cats, so one of his cats, "Mille" is on an earlier blog post here, and I have another photo of Nium, his other cat, that I will post eventually. Karl is also a remarkable artist, with two unusual talents--he can "see" color in black and white images, perhaps from years in the tv industry dealing with black and white images; and, I swear, he can see into outer space. (He took some of the early Huygens raw data and brought them up to a level of detail that not even the Huygens team could surpass.) He has done some visualizations of Titan and Enceladus that turned out to be scientifically accurate -- some of his images are on the Cassini site. As a sideline to his other art and his photo restoration business, he's been doing the "Galactic Geographic" for years, turning out pages of future history for Heavy Metal Magazine. Recently he updated his website and started uploading pages of it there, if you would like to see them:

Galactic Geographic Online

Don't be surprised if in a few centuries it all turns out to be true.