Swag From The Doll Show

Akutenshi and I went the the Kane County Doll Show today--it's held at the same place the Flea Market is at, but the Doll Show is a bit smaller--it just fills one of the buildings. Which was plenty--we walked around for about three hours and hardly even dug around much in the bins and boxes. They don't have much in the way of bjds, but there is plenty of other things to see and poke at. I found a pair of perfect little copper tankards and a plastic bag full of somewhat scratch and dent Monster High Girls..for 8 dollars! Patterns, shoes, lace, a small stuffed animal and some other tiny oddments were part of the haul. Mostly it was looking at hundreds and hundreds of Victorian, vintage and Barbie dolls. It was dollie overload. So.Much Fun. And the weather was absolutely perfect, too!