Iplehouse Leah and Anagord's Digital Leah

Iplehouse has a new Creaa girl up--when they first came out I found them a bit creepy, but Leah is just cute and elfin, with her little ears. For some reason I did not realize that the Creaa's were tallish and slim--here are the measurements, they are like slim msd dolls:

There are a ton of new clothes for her at Iplehouse as well, it looks like they had fun making clothes for her. Here is a longer shot of her:

Aww, what a sweetie!

Meanwhile here I have been painting shoes and test rendering them. I did these today--the model is amazing, it's by Arren and Anagord:

It's the Shellie heels from Renderosity.com, and I just hid the distinctive chain that runs around it, because there are already a ton of textures for these shoes with the chain, so I am making some without the chain. The heels are translucent in my version. The digital doll who has been modelling these is also named Leah, and she never falls over (though strangely I have had wig problems with her too --she has a biggish head:

Here's Leah with her Giant Butter Pat (or failed petit four), modelling another color set for the heels. And Leah's sculptor is Anagord, so it makes sense that she looks good in the heels. :D