Clam and Passion at Soom

The splash page has this typo too, and I looked at it for a long time since it's in Mistral, which is never easy to read, and decided, yes, the word was "Clam". It's actually surprising that Soom does as well as it does with English, which is a messed-up language with a different alphabet than Korean. They can also blame it on April, that month notorious for jokes.

Adonis himself is a re-release, and an Idealian--too large for me, but I do like his face. I'm not crazy about the Ringdoll-style officer uniform, but I do like this gender-bender version  a lot:

Heel feets!! Those are so awesome, it opens up so many fashion possibilities, and yes, amazing boots.
I have been busy with my own heels here:

The shoes, left to right are "Conspiracy Theory", "Steam" and "Candy." Candy has the chain and the bow hidden--it turns out Daz Studio has an option in the material pane called "Geometry Cutout" which is a way to hide different named groups. Its not only good for texturing and getting more out of another person's model; as a model maker it's handy to check what is going on under a part you are working with. I'm coming to actually like working in DS, though I think the light previews are still rubbish and they need a "select all materials/delete all materials" button. Also colored slider bars--they have gray on gray teeeeeeeny tiny ones now that are hard to see and grab.