Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Quilt, A Cake, Seian and 3 Squirrels

Chalyss sent me this gorgeous quilt!! I especially like the spiral free stitching--I am gradually getting a collection of small, glorious little quilts. Something about the small format is very appealing.

J baked a practice cake--it was delicious and the cake part was *perfect* and it was so rich, one slice was plenty. It's chocolate inside.

And we have new squirrels--pretty sure they were born early this year; the hollow tree is perfect for them, though we are keeping an eye on the upper branches to be sure they don't die off and end up falling onto the driveway or the house.

And here is Seian with her faceup, though she still needs her lashes installed--I have them, I just have to find them!

I also ordered wigs from Denver Doll that might come Friday, but we'll see. The doll who normally wears this wig looks cranky.


  1. Ooo, it's gorgeous! And Seian looks so different, I love her eyes with that color wig. Yes, I am looking at blogs again, I think I am strong enough now not to have a break down of the 'wants' every time I see a pretty doll.

    1. It's a space thing--I have really run out of room to store them at this point. I'd like to get back enough room to put my shoes away :D And there are things like a new car, new mattress...dishwasher. Just little things. :D
      Thank you too! Your quilt still is my fave <3


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