Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Couple of Doll Wigs and Some More Petit Fours

The wigs came from Denver Doll..and they were too small. But cute! This is the curly Leeke wig on Honey, a Soom Cass. Fits well and looks so cute. Since Cass' head is large, you can just imagine how big the Seian head is--definitely a size 9. But the wig Honey was wearing before, a stretchy Monique Paris, was able to be stretched out to fit on Seian's head, and the red wig she was wearing can go back on my Katrien. Here is Seian:

A few months ago when I was doing more modelling, I was trying to recreate this plate of petit fours from Land o Lakes:

The infamous Land of Lakes petit fours (very buttery and translucent)
It did not go well. I was doing them in Poser and my attempts all ended up looking like concrete:

This was one of the better ones :o
So my brother and family came to visit and they BROUGHT THE PETIT FOURS..though they were
from a bakery:

And look, even the star garland!! I kept the garland, though we ate all the petit fours--they were like mini-cheesecakes, and awesome. Eventually I will conquer the Land o Lakes petit four. I still think if I can get the little ornament on top close, and the translucency right, I can nail it :D

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