Soom Raon and a spare Super Gem Body

So here is Soom Raon (I think he was a Fox before?)  in a new, cutie incarnation. He's not my style but I am sure lots of people will like him, since people have been asking for a "sweetie" male sculpt.
The most interesting thing about him (for me) is that you can buy his body as a separate thing. Soom only offers to do headless bodies once a year, usually in the fall. Here is the link to the body page.

You can order up to the 15th (Korea time) and in Normal or Tawny. I think this is still the 2016 taller slimmer, more muscular body (the blurry photo on the old post below has more detail pics of the new body.) I have two of these bodies now and they are good posers, but not the "soft and sweet" look of Raon's head--these bodies look awesome with IOS heads and the ws resin matches pretty well.