Saturday, December 29, 2018

Inventory for the End of 2018

I had an assistant this week, so I set up two tables on the porch and took a photo of almost every doll I currently have. I did not bring up the ones in boxes in the basement, because I was afraid it would take too long, and it took about 3 hours this time to get everyone even sort of decent who was not in a box. This is why Mei is not on her body, by the way, and Isa got re-assembled after the photos. You can tell that the sun was heading down by the time that the photos were taken.

 This is who isn't there--A Granado Davon (Captain Aldwood), another Iplehouse Jessica (Penelope), and an Iplehouse Olivia, a Soom Gneiss, and a Soom Love Me or Die who has her original paint and most of her original outfit. That poor doll just lives in her box all the time until I can find someone else willing to take on the responsibility of having an historic Soom doll.

There's Rain and Bryan in the center, with a Souldoll Sharon friend. Rain is now on a Soom 2016 body, which makes him taller, and Bryan has more clothes than ever, but they are just the same.

And here's Dierdre, looking chilly because Clyde, the Soom Heliot, is wearing her cloak. (He's down on the floor, you can't see him on the first photo). Here he is at the bottom:

Here's Zinnober the Soom Sphaler, wearing his hat that Girrl made for him last year <3

And there is Teodor the Necromancer (his wig is hiding somewhere, that is a loaner) and Sophie Cushion, the original Soom Beryl, a gift from Cat.

Carissa, back in her original red wig--she used to belong to Martha Boers (Antique Lilac) and is a Special Order Soom Cuprit, not the original Monthly Doll.

And here is Cerise, Soom Vesuvia, dyed by Sicktress--Cerise's head is on a Resinsoul body, it actually poses better than the original Soom body in many ways. Her friend Cherry is the Cyborg version, and I need to restring one hand again. I know how to do it now, though--you use monofilament for the stringer and it makes the whole process easier, if not "easy".

This is a more managable crowd of dolls-- I think fewer still would be easier, but I like everyone here so it's hard to pare down further.

And here are the "Best Dolls". Luckily they dress themselves. :D


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