Wednesday, December 5, 2018

DollZone Centaurs

DollZone, never a company to leave money on the table, has decided to join the Teeny Centaur Fandom. This is little Antu, which you can order from the various dealers (link goes to Alice's Collections). IMO the best part of Antu are the little cherub wings, a nice size and beautifully sculpted.

I really like Antu's wig!

I have been forced to do my own cooking this week, which has meant some good meals, some cereal, and some scary cookies. They are just shortbread with cranberries:

They cooked up a lot nicer than the dough looks:

Yes, those are pumpkin shaped, I just found the Christmas trees today. I am about halfway through my Christmas list for cards and shipping. Online shopping has not gone entirely smoothly, one transaction was flagged by PayPal, and had to be sorted out, and another magazine sub claims I never paid them. I sent them the check number and told them to try again. Why can I buy things from China with no hassle; but Harlan, Iowa is being difficult? Last year's candy order was amazingly hard to complete. Hopefully this year will be easier, since I can do it all on the website. 

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