Mermaids and Trolls

So I have had this wonderful little Domuya mermaid forever, but she only had her mermaid body so I did nothing with her. But for Christmas, Cat sent me a Notdoll Citron Bleu head on a little old Volks msd body, and I put the Notdoll on my Mirodoll with the jointed hands, and the Domuya on the Volks body, and now I am excited about both of them. For one thing, Rusty the Vampire now has a BFF:

The tongue is removable but I like her better with it in, and I would worry about losing it.

We spent a lot of today at the Morton Arboretum, looking at trolls. This one you can see from the 88 Freeway going West:

(He's "Joe the Guardian")

Here is another one:

You just need to be careful if you visit their house that you don't end up on the menu: