Saturday, December 8, 2018

Almost Ready for Christmas

Well, I still need to get a tree, and a few stocking presents. The garage door is fixed and goes up and down (Yay!) so the cars are inside, keeping warm so they will start when I need them to. The truck was beginning to resent living outside in 15F weather, and I can't say I blame it. I am secretly hoping to get mostly Christmas cards this year* and not much else, as I need to sort through what is in the basement before Major Mouse Removal begins in the New Year. (Mice have been living for decades in the dropped ceiling of the basement, and that is going to end once the holidays are over.) All that tile is coming down, being tossed, and the beams will be scrubbed and painted white with something glossy and washable, like ship or bathroom paint.

Meanwhile, I have a head coming and yes...I bought a tiny for me. But it's a fit model. (Silt was a gift that I got to measure in advance before passing on, so she didn't count). Just one tiny. Just one tiny.

* I admit that I hoard Christmas cards for years. I love them :D


  1. One upside of bad weather is one gets lots of time to pack presents that need to be shipped and finish the holiday cards - doing that today. 14"+ of snow and nothing is moving here in NC. I think our temps are lower than yours - very strange weather indeed.
    I have not purchased a BJD in months - good thing as I have no money in my paypal account. :(

    I love mice - just not live ones. We had some get in our car and do some damage so now Rob has peppermint oil everywhere. No more mice - at least not yet.

    1. Your snow was amazing! I'm sure they don't have the equipment to move that much all at once, either :o. I'm trying to hold the line at new bjds as I am out of space and other things need to be paid for :D So peppermint oil discourages mice? Because I have places I would love to put it--the mice have little "runways" they use to get around the basement ceiling, mostly the pipes, and that would be an easy place to apply it!

  2. Just put the peppermint on cotton balls and place them where you wish to discourage mice. On the farm my grandmother would change them about every month. Worked in our car and always for my grandmother. ;)


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