Monday, April 30, 2012

Belmont Prairie, Giant Ant, Mermaid feet

First, Belmont Prairie. It wasn't the most interesting reserve we have's basically a large vacant lot with native plants. It would have been a nice walk, but someone put down 1/2 mile of decorative cutout cinderblock for the path surface-- which had to be the most uncomfortable walking surface known to man. We left and went to the Maple Grove Reserve instead, and then to the mall for shoes. The mall has ants. Big ones, that move their heads. I blame the crumbs from the food court.
And finally today the mailman brought me a box of mermaid parts, some assembly required. I got these in a trade and I made out like a bandit..there are even the "shell ears". No one ever sells the Soom Cass shell ears..even if they have sold the rest of the doll, they keep the ear decorations to put on whatever doll they have left. All I am waiting for now is the head. I have the torso, I just have to locate the box it is in.


  1. Sitting here staring at these doll-parts. Are these fins on the legs made from glass? Can't wait to see what you do with them. As all these wonderful dolls look a bit melancholic I imagine the Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen (not the softed Disney version!) when I see these half-legs-half-fins.

  2. They are made of clear resin--rather fragile so I will have to be careful with her, and yes, they made me think of the "real" Little Mermaid too!

  3. I know Resin but wasn't aware that it is possible to even fake glass - wow!


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