Lyman Woods

Actually this is my stripy cat's mini garden..I put the herbs there just temporarily to be sure they didn't freeze, but Stripey cat loves them (and chews on the thyme).

Here are the Lyman Woods, between the mall and the hospital; 600 acres of abandoned farmland and a lake, and muskrats, which I did not get a photo of. But I did get a picture of a group of large mayapples. We went to the mall after our walk. :)


  1. And again - what a darling-cat. I am amazed that your cats look like our european shorthair (here simply called housecat). I always thought that american-standard-cats look like Maine Coon...

    Again: Give the cat a hug and his black fellow as well!

  2. I will do that! And yes, these are just ...hauskatzen? hehe!


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