I bought a head

I got paid, so what do I do? I go buy a head. But I already have the body, a Soom Galena body, one of the pink batches, and there are only a few Soom girl heads that match. I really wanted a Soom Cass head, (the mermaid), but she sold very slowly as a Special Order and I never see her (or her head) on the market..until yesterday, when Goth/SF artist Krowbar decided she needed money and put this on out on the marketplace:


My first thought was ...I love the faceup, but maybe not the scars? But the more I looked at it the better I liked it--I mean she isn't a sweet little mermaid, that is for sure. Krowbar kindly will be adding lashes to her before sending out, as I hate sticking lashes on. Krowbar is also smart and funny and fun to write to. If you look around her Flickr there is a Queen Lora fullset on page 2.