Philadelphia Art Museum, and a Limwha

The Philly Art Museum is huge (they hire something like 45 interns each summer, though K was not one of them) and there are only a few items in the Museum that are not of the highest quality. I'm not sure the crystal ball is fine art, but it is the one thing that if they gave me a shopping cart I would take away with me, along with a couple of the Indian statues (they are doll-sized). There is also a carved ceiling I like, but that would be a little unhandy to get in the car. There is also this painting, which somehow ended up in there too. I can't decide if it is hilarious, tacky, or both:

It does have a Bad Cat, though, so it might go in the cart.

And here is K sitting on Social Consciousness:

And finally Arianne's Limwha Elf, which I got to visit in person. I tell myself they are hard to pose and I don't need one. But hers is lovely. This is "Aphrodite":


  1. I got it wrong the first time.
    You'd have to nail the crystal ball down - I'd steal it!

  2. Somehow I know this cat and dogs image... Biedermeier I think... must go to the boxes and get the rest of my books out. And a big sigh about both "doll-photos" ;o) I think the one sitting by the statue is even lovlier than Aphrodite. Just look at the hair!!

  3. The little doll's wig is much cheaper to care for ;) Every time I go to the museum I try to think where in the house I can put that crystal ball. I think it would look great under a carved dragon ceiling!


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