Free Philly Stock Photos

A while back I had to do a cover with the Philadelphia skyline on it, and I had no photos handy. I could have gotten in my car and paid 4.00 for tolls and 3.00 for gas, so instead I got a not-great photo from istockphoto for 5.00. But I was so annoyed at the whole thing that this weekend I took the photo that I would have used on that cover, and I am putting it up here for anyone who needs it. The tip of the Comcast building is clipped, but you are a Photoshop pro anyway so that won't be a problem. And below is a couple of free bonus pix:

Download link (blogger tries to keep you from grabbing files)

Buildings on Broad Street just below City Hall. Easier download:

Philadelphia Waterworks, Schyukill River and a 5k charity walk in the distance.

William Penn on City hall and his laptop (actually I think it is the Pennsylvania Charter or something).
easier download:


  1. How very cool - I have to try these for lights sooner or later! *runs and grabs them all*

  2. Oh, what a good idea!! I am glad you can use them!


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