Thursday, May 4, 2017

Amadiz Studios Virginia

I have been meaning to put her up for a week now, and I keep getting sidetracked with my own trades and MP purchases *_*. This is Amadiz Studios Virginia--George and Kate Amadiz have had her in development for quite a while and she is a fabulous poser, according to the photos   (Link is not quite Safe for Work)--you can get ballet feet as an option, and several skin tones-- this is "Bisque". She is  60.5 cm with her head, and she has 3 bust options and the usual flat and heel feet to go with the ballet feet. The easiest place to see her is on Amadiz' Instagram account, here:
 In the past Amadiz has been known for making spectacular bjd wigs, and you can see examples of those made for Virginia. I like her a lot, but she is a tad out of my price range. But if I wait around 5 years, I can probably pick a used one up for a small discount off of Den of Angels ;)

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