Friday, May 19, 2017

Soom Male Bodies

Here are the three Soom bodies that you are likely to find if you look around on the Den of Angels Marketplace or Ebay. There was a male body before 2010, and I think it was the same as the 2010 except that the elbows were the simple "peanut joints" like Cass and Amber had. From left to right: the new thinner body, who had the slightly higher shoulders and more prominent lats,( those underarm chest muscles), a free-choice body from maybe 2011? and the first Soom Wolf body from 2015, I think; or early 2016.

If you are looking to hybrid, the new 2016 and the "old body" have forgiving necks, though the 2012 works here with a Luts Wintery 2016 head. (Sicktress did his makeup).

If you bought the "Wolf the Cat" guy and chose the 2012 body, I hope Soom realized that there is a size difference in the hands and feet between the 2016 body and the 2012 body. Here are the feet, 2012 body is on the left and the 2016 body is on the right:

It's possible the ankle balls will still fit in the older body if you ordered the "toe up" feet, or the heels, but they are shown in the Soom promos on the 2016 body. The "Meow Hands" and "Elegance Hands" also may be a problem, since they too will be made to fit on the 2016 body:

I guess we will find out! The Meow Ears should fit everyone :D

Here is a more detailed look at the differences between the 2012 and 2016 body.

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